really opened the rural electricity supplier rural nternet Era

China is a large agricultural country, the rural population of more than 900 million. All along, to improve the lives of farmers, accelerate the development of rural areas, so that the rural and urban integration is the annual meeting will be a major topic of discussion.

rural areas because of traffic is not convenient, knowledge and information lag and other reasons, can not really understand the world outside the countryside. A condition to point people usually buy some goods is also confined to driving to the store to buy near the town. You might not have said Taobao? Not a Jingdong to buy online? OK! But according to Xiao Bian visited the results of the survey is in most rural areas, the coverage rate of less than 50% of the Internet! And many old people don’t believe in online shopping, even if a few believers will not operate.

my business in rural electricity providers, it is combined with the status quo of rural life, a comprehensive survey of the majority of rural people’s psychology, knowledge of information, tailored for the rural Internet shopping platform.

Wu rural electricity supplier mostly choose rural canteen, small supermarket as a join point, the big screen terminal set, the operation is very simple, as long as a little guidance, the elderly children can easily operate. Small at the time of the interview is to experience a bit, this screen terminal can easily let you find any of the items you need to fuel, small, large household appliances, digital mobile phone, everything. And the service is good, the price is cheap and reasonable, so you save a lot of traffic costs. The most important thing is that you can submit orders after waiting for delivery, all items can be cash on delivery, that eliminates the need for online shopping you won’t worry, can also make you more assured of products.

Xiaobian I said so lively, or to listen to the voice of our rural consumers!

80 old Uncle Wang: my grandson to get married, I personally in my rural electricity supplier to buy him a large color TV, fashionable, the city is not necessarily how many people have."

children are working outside of the Aunt Li: "adult are our two old people at home, a trip is not easy, since our village canteen has a large screen terminal, we taking the rural electricity supplier what to eat, what to use, is a few steps on it!"

just married brother Yang: "I am 32, before the wife does not marry because they don’t go with the tide, the girls since I think I soil, taking rural electricity supplier to our village, let me not what the culture of people can through the Internet shopping, this marriage all Home Furnishing decoration are purchased by the big screen terminal in our village, small supermarket, fashionable and affordable."

Wu joined the rural electricity supplier canteen boss Wang: "now my canteen can be lively than before, it is opened in the village of Internet shopping era, big small, can be a little, my business cooperation with large rural electricity supplier logistics companies, goods within 72 hours can be sent to my store. To pay, you have to buy at ease."

my business Rural electricity supplier, an open, >

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