There is more to the flow of profit on the survival of the site

in China’s emerging Internet market. Is a variety of Internet wealth myth definitely rises. From 03 years or so to do stand is money, it is fanatical stage. To the current market slogan for the user. China’s Internet is becoming more and more mature. There are many good sites. That is the wealth of the Internet, for the people to use, to bring convenience and resources.

For example, several

: Baidu search for having heard it many times, the electronic commerce Taobao and Alibaba. Sina portal. Sohu. And users keen QQ, etc.. No one who will have a huge social and economic benefits.

and I want to say is that when you are also involved in the construction process of the Internet, how to achieve their own survival, how to upgrade their site a step. That’s the way to profit. The first is advertising, advertising is almost a portal and the survival of the majority of the site magic. According to the characteristics of their audience, different websites can attract different advertisers.

2 information content charges. There are 3 kinds of charging modes: news and information content package to other websites or media sales; users can pay to browse the site; users pay for the database query.

3 service charge. This kind of charge applies to the portal website and the specialized consultation website, the main charge domain is: the email, the homepage space, the rental service, the content custom, the specialized consultation, the on-line service. The station I adopted a similar way of profit, a signature piece.

4 e-commerce. Mainly B2C (B said businesses, C said consumers), C2C, B2B, which B2B is still selling membership fees, C2C is mainly charged transaction intermediary fees, B2C can be directly charged with the corresponding profits.

5 search. Such as Google and Baidu in China, through the sale of key words on the search page to obtain the location of the income.

6 mobile value-added services (SMS). Although this business is not popular in Europe and the United States, but in China, Japan and South Korea and other East Asian regions are very developed. Portals, entertainment sites, and SP, which provide content services specifically for SMS, are the main beneficiaries.

in addition, in fact, there are many ways to make money, including paid games, online counseling and education, online community and friends, etc.. In fact, the Internet is the profit pattern change rapidly to develop three-dimensional and depth direction, many new models are emerging, such as the most recent hot blog site, its pricing model in the discussion.

so many sites to make money model, there is always a suitable for the development of you. There is no profit and to survive by webmaster feeds?.

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