Google intends to withdraw from the four major domestic websites to meet China pork

DCCI Internet data center director Hu Yanping said that Google will withdraw from China, Baidu, Tencent, Sogou and other competitors benefit, Tencent’s search business will be one of the biggest beneficiaries. Some analysts said that if the market environment is not suitable for Google China growth, Chinese Internet market again, Google exit Chinese market is normal, the key to Google local business and Chinese can not adapt to the rules of the Internet is the key.

GOOGLE official blog revealed no longer want to review the search results, Baidu, Sogou, Tencent, NetEase held an emergency meeting to grab market

Google to go! Yesterday, in the Baidu was black, the smoke has not yet dispersed, the Internet came out again explosive news. Google official said it is assessing the feasibility of its business operations in China, may consider closing, exit the Chinese market.

news was announced, immediately triggered intense discussion in the Internet network, many industry insiders believe that this is a kind of retreat strategy of Google, Google will not really quit. Some people worry that Google’s exit will affect the development of China’s Internet industry.

if Google is gone, the gap in the Internet search market will fill to whom? Many users go from here?

Google statement: do not want to review the search results

U.S. local time January 12th 15, Google senior vice president, corporate development and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond (· David Drummond) published a "new Chinese strategy" in Google’s official blog, the Google group to consider closing the "Google Chinese" website and Chinese office.

made this decision for Google, Drummond said in mid December last year, Google detected a China, from corporate infrastructure for high technology, targeted attacks, which led to Google’s intellectual property theft. The attack was initially found to focus on Google’s Gmail mailbox, but then extended to 20 large companies, involving finance, technology, media and chemical industries, but Google did not disclose what specific attacks on the company.

in addition, the January 2006 launch of Google in China, "at that time made it clear that we will carefully monitor China in search results, and includes new laws and regulations in the service; if we determine that we are unable to achieve the goal, then we will not hesitate to reconsider our China strategy."

Drummond said that the company has decided not to re search results on content review. "We recognize that this is likely to mean that the company will have to shut down and our office in china".

Google China: hope to find a solution

announced for Google

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