Jingdong after the huge loss of 5 billion yuan again exposed the website domain name could not be re

renamed China (eName.cn) March 9th news this morning, there are users of micro-blog Jingdong collapse, broke the news, in addition to other station are not open, DNS error. The Jingdong was traced to the huge loss of 5 billion, and then a fault, the Jingdong is swollen?

figure: exposure Jingdong paralyzed

According to

users reflect, click the Jingdong web version of "my order" and search content, it is not wrong or cannot resolve domain is the domain name website does not exist, while the mobile phone client is a direct indication of data loading failure. The Jingdong was black? Netizens said Jingdong suspected attack, DNS server failure, part of the two level domain name resolution cannot.


: domain name renewals

JingdongAnother netizen

explained that the Jingdong of domain name service failure, because the Jingdong jdcache.com CDN domain name expired forget renewals. Small "Chinese whois information query, jdcache.com domain indeed expired yesterday, but now it Jingdong.

is currently a small series to visit Jingdong jd.com, the site is all normal, but there are still other places of friends, said Jingdong is still paralyzed.

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