Tuniu disputes inside stop for the way cattle still provoke UTS to win over the other 16



TechWeb April 24th reported text / Xiao Fang

, UTour CITS, CITS CY agency, 17 travel agencies jointly issued a statement saying to the way cattle, will stop starting to supply tuniu.com after July 15, 2015 and tourism products. The statement said that doing so is because the network in the way cattle reasonable pricing of tourism products can not reach a consensus, the two sides reached a new consensus after the next cooperation.


subsequently issued a statement saying, UTour does not comply with the spirit of the contract, ignoring the customer experience, in the absence of any prior communication of the unilateral termination and tuniu cooperation, has a direct impact on the customer experience is about to travel, and called by the industry’s unremitting efforts, and constantly improve the quality of tourism products and services "contrary to experience serious. Tuniu adhere to any competition can not affect the customer experience, now offline UTour all products.

it is worth noting that the 17 travel agencies to work together to stop the way cattle supply, and the way cattle respond just for a utour. Informed sources close to the way cattle revealed to TechWeb, tuniu "intense" to UTS counterattack, because the joint action provoked by the UTS stop for. But because of the way cattle is the essence of online travel distributors, and not with the other 16 vendors all break.


and UTS for each other the most important partner in

Prior to

, tuniu and UTS have close relations of cooperation. UTS has the advantage of outbound travel, the way cattle will also travel abroad as the focus of the business. According to informed sources, is the largest supplier of UTS tuniu, and is also the biggest customer tuniu uts.

this can be confirmed from the official disclosure of information. In the domestic market A shares UTour in early 2014, the prospectus filed show that the first half of 2013 is tuniu UTS largest customers. At the same time, UTS report shows that, according to the transaction flow calculation, UTS 2013 operating income was 3 billion yuan, from the first big customer revenue of about 95 million yuan, accounting for the year UTS outbound wholesale business income ratio of 3.16%. Although the official did not disclose the names of customers, but according to the customer data projections, the way cattle.


report shows that in 2014, the company achieved operating income of 4 billion 220 million yuan, representing an increase of 40.32%. Among them, the outbound tourism wholesale revenue 2 billion 520 million yuan, an increase of 46.92% over the previous year, outbound travel retail revenue of $1 billion 10 million, an increase of 42.03% over the previous year.

thus, UTS tourism revenue growth mainly by outbound wholesale and outbound travel retail business two business driven, the two business is focused on the way cattle procurement. Outbound tour of the main line of wholesale products in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, islands and other short-term.


reported a 2014 revenue to travel with the group (>

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