Analysis of the T industry who is more sad winter

hot late 7, cold cooling is the theme of IT people. With the global economy in the winter, the core figures of these IT sector, are using their own way to encourage enterprises and employees, together hand in hand".

the power of an email

events: what is the power of language? Language tends to be too pale compared with the actual material incentive. However, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma is undoubtedly the master of the use of language, which no one would suspect. In a variety of occasions, Ma or passionate or humorous speech, has become the Alibaba’s "signs".

face the winter of the enterprise, Ma once again demonstrated his language ability. This time, he gave aliren ane mail with. He said: "our basic judgment on the global economy is that the economy will be a big problem, the next few years the economy may enter a recession. My view is that the overall economic situation is not optimistic, the survival of many domestic enterprises will face great challenges. The next winter will be longer than you think! More cold! More complex!"

in addition, this letter entitled "winter mission" in the letter that he has "must declare in no uncertain terms kangjidanengli" Alibaba is facing a severe test. As a result, he asked his staff not to think too much about the stock price fluctuations, but to shoulder greater responsibility than ever before, we can not only let ourselves down, as well as the responsibility to protect our customers".

commented: Ma knows the power of language, he used to use incendiary language, but in this mail, language to convey is openness and determination. Deterioration in the global economic environment. Alibaba shares suffered a continuous decline of the crisis, Ma did not conceal the problem, nor just promise, but the enterprise will face the difficulties in front of all the staff, so as to arouse their determination to tide over the crisis. In many entrepreneurs, Ma is an expert of the "evil".



event: in the IT industry generally felt the economic winter is coming, the communications industry is relatively better. With the operator restructuring, the domestic 3G launched overseas market development, the telecommunications industry to see more opportunities. However, HUAWEI’s Ren Zhengfei known as "the leading consciousness in the.

he was in an email to HUAWEI executives in an essay published in a journal of forwarding the United States as the "CISCO" for the winter passage, and dedicated to the attach their interpretation.

he said: "CISCO today is our tomorrow. Of course, I am not encouraging people, but to warn people that they are more aware of the difficult and cruel market competition. We are clever, Kobe. They have already taken measures for the future."

in addition to the perception of the market, Ren Zhengfei is also concerned about peer solutions. He suggested that, in order to go through the economic winter, CISCO has adopted

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