A5 webmaster network second Taobao Tmall operations training enrollment

            as a Taobao shop novice how to step towards success? Taobao shop is an online business in the industry, if you do not understand some of Taobao shop skills and know how to open the Taobao store, it is very difficult based on Taobao A5 stationmaster net distinguished Taobao business experts to help you save time and opportunity cost, grasp the Taobao shop shop operation skills and techniques, through the case analysis of a large number of lecturers to teach you how to do the Taobao / Tmall shop.

open shop problems often exist:

1, shops and product positioning is unclear, confused can not find the direction.

2, no customer service online products, not to talk about sales.

3, photo shoot rough, fear of theft is reported, and even inconsistent with the product led to poor evaluation.

4, shop decoration messy, sorry to open to friends.

5, did not do promotion, do not promote, do not dare to promote.

6, busy every day sales, but do not know how much money a month to sell, in the end do not make money.

7, online learning materials so much, the book also bought a lot, but I do not know what to see, I do not know where is the key.

8, recruit the right people, I do not know how to train people, exhausted himself, have no life, hear someone tired and worried.

through learning, clear their own advantages, seize the key, from to qualitative change leap. Free store diagnosis, precise analysis of hand guidance, three months tracking support, join the VIP group, with the country’s owner to communicate with each other, lifelong learning.

confidence + Learning + persistence + effort and continuous optimization = goal

Taobao shop does not make money? Misunderstanding 1

ranking is not good, but blame Taobao Taobao ranking algorithm fuzzy or wrong, blind to create so-called transaction records. In order to popularity ranking, regardless of the cost to build their own popular baby, the record is higher than others, but found himself still can not shoot in front. So blame Taobao unfair, suspected Taobao deliberately made the car in front of the baby……

Taobao shop does not make money? Misunderstanding 2

blind worship credit score on the vast majority of Taobao business is good, high sales, are the crown and other credit scoring high. So on the surface that, as the credit business is good, but behind the business is good, is the accumulation of many years of business experience and resources, how can you do


Taobao shop does not make money? Misunderstanding 3

hearsay, blind study the successful experience of the so-called grasp the essence of Taobao shop to make money, blindly learning successful experience, the so-called futile! Spend all day in the Taobao experience to talk about the.

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