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in recent months, we’ve focused on helping people find quality sites from Google’s search results. Through the "Panda" algorithm, we have improved the ranking of a large number of quality sites, so most of the time do not have to worry about the quality of search. However, for those affected by the "Panda" site, we would like to provide additional guidance on how to search for high-quality Google site.

we have always been the publisher, as far as possible to focus on and achieve the best experience of users on the site, rather than the current ranking algorithm or Google information. Some publishers focus on changes in our Panda algorithm before, but "Panda" is just one of the search we expect improvement projects will be launched this year more than 500. In fact, since the introduction of Panda algorithm, we have made our ranking algorithm to adjust the remaining more than and 10, some sites mistakenly believe that their ranking changes associated with Panda. Search is a complex, ever-changing technology and science, so we recommend that you do not focus on specific algorithm adjustments, but should focus on the best user experience.

which website can be regarded as a high quality website?

the quality of our site is located in the quality of the algorithm by reducing the list of poor quality, to help people find "quality" website. The recent "Panda" algorithm solves the difficult task of evaluating site quality by means of algorithms. Now, we want to explain some of the ideas and research that drive our algorithm development.

The following are some of the questions that people can use to evaluate the quality of a web page or article, which is the problem we consider when writing an algorithm for evaluating the quality of a web site,

. This can be seen as our guess at the user’s ideas.

of course, we are not used in the disclosure of our algorithm in the actual ranking information, because we don’t want people to gamble on our search results; but if you want to understand the idea of Google, the following problems with some information about how we look at this problem Guide:

– do you believe the information provided in this article?

in your opinion, this article is written by the expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, is it more shallow in nature


– does this site have the same or similar theme redundant content, but the key words a little change?

– would you like to provide your credit card information to this website?

does the article have spelling, formatting, or factual errors?

– is the theme of the article dominated by the real interest of the site’s readers, or is it possible to identify sites that are likely to rank well in search engines by


– does the article provide original content, information, original reports, original research or original analysis?


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