Domain flying Journey Aviation website 4 types of domain names

travel a quick and comfortable transportation ticket price policy for airlines, the impact of user choice, aviation is becoming increasingly popular Internet website, recently renamed China Xiamen Airline Co commissioned the acquisition of aviation domain caused concern in the industry, the Xiamen air terminal with.Com after years of mainstream domains, today’s major airlines website the fierce competition, how to make consumers a watch and select site consumption? At this critical moment, the good domain is very important.

1, aviation website English domain name type

English is the world language, in the face of people from around the world, airline websites also choose English language broadcasting, aviation website also keep up with the trend, in the domain is also a full English domain, the domestic "Air" domain name website full English website there are many, such as Yunnan lucky air lucky is lucky, Italy, air airlines, two words with meaning, flight safety, meaning good domain name. Okay Airways,, OK can be used as a "good" word, at the same time, can also be seen as "okay Aokai" Pinyin initials, domain name registration in September 2004, with 7 years of registration time. There are AirAsia company, Capital Airlines and Western Airlines

The relative

airlines website and choose the "Air" type full English domain, but also non "Air" domain name English, such as Spring Airlines network to replace the domain name, spring spring words, tour is the tourism English words, Hainan airlines website, travels is a journey, travel, and sky is a "aviation" of Italy, combination of two words is appropriate, in addition, aviation online is a CN English domain name suffix, prefix, suffix English select China, users can also be pulled offshore inside and outside the "local" feelings.

2, Pinyin / letter + English partner domain name

creative domain domain mix domestic airline web applications more, this also with the "Air" domain name "Air" to distinguish between the two types, the first look at "Air" domain of creative method, local aviation website in place name + "Air" domain types, such as square pass 7 digit the transaction of Xiamen Airlines domain name, the domain name system of Xiamen Airlines low commission renamed China acquisition, domain name registration website earlier in 2002, the official domain name system CN domain name, with suffix and airline websites such as Shandong Airlines official website Pinyin:

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