Times weekly reporter alleged fraud jingfangxingju Beijing

(www.thepaper.cn) in June 19th, surging news learned from the Beijing lawyer Jin Xiaoguang, "times weekly" reporter Fu Ming on suspicion of fraud in June 10th jingfangxingju Beijing, currently held in Beijing Chaoyang District detention center.

Jin Xiaoguang said that at 6 o’clock on June 10th, he received a phone call Chaoyang, Beijing, said Fu Ming was detained in the detention center, he wanted to entrust a lawyer. On the afternoon of June 15th, he met Fu Ming at the Chaoyang detention center for the first time.

meeting, Fu Ming told Jin Xiaoguang the detention process: on the night of June 9th, she received claiming to be Chaoyang police criminal investigation team of the telephone, said to his home, she felt not credible, then the police, then she was brought to the sun palace police station, waiting for a period of time, about 22 PM when Xu, she was taken to the detention center.

According to "

times weekly" Fu Ming and a colleague, Fu Ming is 40 years old this year, the newspaper reporter political commentary department, based in Beijing, mainly to run the SASAC, the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission and other ministries of Finance macro news. In June 2014, Fu Ming entered the newspaper, and prior to that, she worked in the Ministry of construction of a magazine and the securities market weekly work.

"Fu Mingcheng detained before she told the Commission report on shady securities, she thinks the case or related." Jin Xiaoguang said.

According to "

times weekly" reported by the official WeChat, South Publishing & media Limited by Share Ltd director, organized by the Guangdong Times Media Co. Ltd., is a nationwide distribution of high-end economic weekly.

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