Stationmaster net broadcast P2P platform suffered hacker exposed technical weakness in September 16t

1 Nuggets e-sports industry chain game behind the Taobao business by  

has brought new opportunities in the gaming industry "second spring" for the surrounding industrial chain.

To live 2 years ago

LOL, senior game player, Dong Xiaosa rely on the game broadcast platform performance, with a 600 thousand live subscriptions, and rely on the game brings fans circle, Dong Xiaosa opened the Taobao store monthly income can reach six figures.

around eSports games ecosystem has formed a relatively mature industry chain, this ecosystem can support many different roles." YY executive vice president Cao Jin told reporters. In fact, such as Dong Xiaosa game commentator is becoming the object of the major broadcast platform for the object, through the form of sponsorship or contract, part of the star commentator’s worth to raise the level of millions.

according to PWC recently released the 2014~2018 global entertainment and media industry outlook, the report, in 2013 China’s total video game revenue exceeded Japan, becoming the world’s second largest market. Online games accounted for the largest share of the game’s total revenue reached 49%, the average annual compound growth rate is expected to reach up to 7.9%. It is worth noting that online video will become the fastest growing areas, the average annual compound growth rate is expected to reach 19.5%.


2 P2P platform encounter hackers hijacked expose technical weakness  

P2P (Peer To Peer) platform well, their attention is not only investors, there is a group of mysterious hacker. Network hackers by attacking the P2P site caused by the collapse of the platform and then ask for money, many P2P platform for fear of attacks resulting in loss of business and spend money, even a P2P platform for hackers to collapse. Why P2P platform has become a hacker Qian Shu and why the P2P platform so vulnerable to attack?

P2P platform for hackers to collapse

P2P net loan platform from the beginning of last year to enter the market in large scale, while the rapid development, the collapse of foot, a series of threats to investors and other information security. A large wave of hackers eyeing this piece of fat P2P platform, but also want to take the opportunity to divide and eat. Shenzhen P2P platform Gimhae loan before the announcement that since suffered hacker attacks, the site can not be normal operations. While there are many P2P platform suffered a similar attack.

3 market financing $200 million bet: line segmentation and competition 58  

in the past few years suffered funding strand breaks, executives leave, failure of transformation and a series of negative news, the classification of life information industry has won the favor of the capital market this year, the 58 city of the U.S. listed shares continue to rise, while Ganji yesterday also announced the completion.

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