Ministry of Public Security small and medium sites illegal harmful information problem is still outs November 11th Evening News: in the Ministry of Public Security Bureau network security online bulletin, strike hard campaign situation of Beijing City Public Security Bureau jointly held 11 meeting in Beijing, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau network security official said, the public security organs after continuous crackdown remediation, online illegal harmful information spread momentum have been effectively curbed, but some parts especially IDC (Internet Data Center) problem of illegal and harmful information some small sites still outstanding.

the official pointed out, one is the sale of guns and explosive illegal information in a number of small and medium-sized forum, community website and personal blog still more; two is the network to become criminals released the precursor chemicals sales information, an important platform and channels to contact the drug trade, a large number of drugs or psychotropic drugs chemical name chemical name drug sales information in small and medium sized forum and the supply and demand information in the web site has not been effectively cleared; three is the network illegal sale of knives, police equipment information security risks to social security, such information is distributed in the trading site and supply and demand information in the website, more concealed, not easy to be found; four is the existence of a large number of online the sale of ID card information leakage of privacy of individual citizens, to provide convenient conditions for the criminals to commit fraud and other criminal activities; five is the network trafficking Sell counterfeit invoices, etc. there are still many illegal profit, seriously disrupting economic order; six is the network pornography repeated playing without a break, serious harm to the healthy growth of young people.

according to reports, the next step, clean up the public security organs will continue to carry out the key parts of key Internet companies, the Internet, the requirements of each site of Post Bar, space, quiz, blog, micro-blog, search and other key columns and then carry out detailed investigation, require internet access service enterprises to increase the illegal site clean-up, to increase trust site inspections, the criminal cases of illegal online found clues to timely report to the public security organ. Meanwhile, the public security organs will further intensify efforts to crack down on various types of network crimes, and create a healthy and harmonious network environment.

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