Selling station after the mismanagement of the webmaster regret to RongShuXia ransom

11 years ago the dream rekindled. Yesterday, the first China literary website RongShuXia founder Zhu Weilian said in an interview with this reporter, he is ready for the funds for RongShuXia ransom. The banyan tree has changed hands many times, its ownership will be the fastest in the end of the month before.

regret to Bertelsmann "

although the banyan tree also hung China first literary website "signs, but this is known as" the impact of a generation "literature website after the German booksellers of Bertelsmann’s management, traffic has lost 95%," Zhu Weilian told reporters.

"I’ve been fooling, claiming not regret to Bertelsmann, I see" banyan tree "is the heart is very painful." Zhu Weilian admits.

2002, Zhu Weilian due to funding problems will be "below banyan" sold to Bertelsmann for $10 million, but the world’s largest publishing group but mismanagement, RongShuXia worse. Subsequently, Bertelsmann in 2006 to $5 million will be sold to "below banyan" happy medium. In the hands of the joy of the media under the banyan tree almost lost any influence." Zhu Weilian said.

"actually, under the banyan tree, there’s only one domain left." Zhu Weilian said, "the original acquisition of Bertelsmann ‘under the banyan tree" is expected to be able to make an inventory of the book club and the publishing business, but it is the club too small, rely on "under the banyan tree" is actually counterproductive. After the joy of the media took over under the banyan is only a means of operation of the media capital of joy, hoping to sell a good price."

for the acquisition of money who is not allowed to move

now, as a storm entertainment company CEO Zhu Weilian said, relying on the online games industry has sufficient funds to complete the dream of the hearts of redemption under the banyan, redo China’s first literary website.

expert analysis, due to the current economic situation is not clear, the acquisition of Zhu Weilian banyan provides a good opportunity. According to the current operating conditions, banyan under the price should not be too high. Zhu Weilian said he had given the joy of the media can not refuse the offer. "They know that I actually bought a domain name."

in the face of strong competition, tea and other new starting point of literary website, Zhu Weilian how to revive the "tree" is still hard to say. Whether it is paid to read, or literary blog is under the banyan first, but these methods have been used to learn and carry forward other literary websites. Especially in the grand Chinese network as the starting point of royal literature company foundation, has the game literature and networks together, and began in the novel as the material for the development of online games, forming a unique literary website profit pattern.

therefore, Williams online games based on the identity of company executives, "there are also re acquisition of the industry that is a big challenge to the rainstorm recreation" under the banyan tree "

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