Groupon in on the door group purchase website transformation into inevitable

number of domestic buy site in August 2010 after breaking 1000. Due to the irrational development, in 2011 September a large number of zombie station numbers, the number of group purchase website started the monthly decline.

at the end of August 2011, 800 by visiting Wuhan, Xi’an and other 8 popular local city group purchase navigation station, the home recommended location of local small and medium group purchase station survival status of the investigation, a total of nearly 200 survey samples, conclusions are as follows: in the past 1 weeks to update the local service activity sites accounted for only 42%.

Groupon "wages" event

make not coming out because of its CEO raise a Babel of criticism of Ren Chunlei and get the solution. In January 29th, more than Changchun, from Beijing and other parts of the station Groupon employees collective request Ren Chunlei came forward to say, did not get a satisfactory answer. The company has 500 yuan compensation for employees who have left, this figure is far worse than we deserve." It is reported that 500 yuan compensation only for employees, for employees salary is not issued, Ren Chunlei has always been the position.

era has come to the group purchase mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. Some experts believe that the group purchase website from the collective "high fever" to today’s cold shrink, reflects the transformation of group purchase network has become an inevitable trend.

Groupon in arrears wages dilemma

in January 20th, the day of the group’s staff salaries, we did not get the salary. Subsequently, Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei during the Spring Festival, whereabouts unknown phone off rumors, micro-blog has caused a lot of condemnation.

January 28th, Ren Chunlei in the micro-blog on the rumor that he did not run away, but has more questions.

company in January 17th announced the start of the holiday, 20 of employees on the basis of normal wages. The results did not pay in January 20th, we vaguely feel that things are not right, because the company had been in arrears with the merchant, especially in December last year, the situation is more serious." Groupon Beijing headquarters staff Li Ming (a pseudonym) told the "daily economic news" reporter, because the company earlier, payroll time is very embarrassing, everybody look foolish, not understand exactly what happened, until January 29th this day to work, know the seriousness of problems.

Groupon in domestic original more than and 30 substations, according to the Groupon employee, now has more than and 20 branches have been closed, the remaining less than 10 branches, more than 400 employees but not get wages and compensation, thousands of businesses were in arrears tail.

suffered layoffs withdrawal station of Nanning employees Kobayashi (a pseudonym) said that the headquarters in the last 12 months late sent a notice of withdrawal, and require employees to sign "to terminate the labor contract agreement", promised to give the equivalent of a month’s wages and economic compensation, in January 20th before the payment to the payroll card, a result did not play.


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