Phishing sites posing as 360 new mobile phone official website selling fake tickets

Beijing, April 30, April 30th in the afternoon, according to the 360 OS forum users "potato" broke the news, recently appeared on the network in May 6th 360 the official selling fake mobile phone conference ticket website. Potato remind friends said: "May 6th conference, all is the official invitation form, the official ticket will not be sold through any form, we found that the fake phishing sites:***** (part of the website covering), please don’t be deceived." It is reported that 360 new mobile phone brand conference will be held on May 6th, the ticket is only issued by the official form of exclusive invitations issued, the official did not sell.

reporter and 360 mobile phone staff to verify that the fake phishing sites do exist, the current 360 security guards, the 360 security browser has been blocked fake website. It is reported that the web is set up in the rented network space, 360 mobile phones have been related to the network operator to communicate its offline.

it is understood that in recent years, Luo Yonghao, millet, music and other enterprises have adopted the way of selling tickets for fans to participate in the conference, as can be the first time to contact new products, and enterprises can receive complimentary attractive gifts, these conference tickets tend to be Taobao cattle fried to high prices. But like posing as the official name of the enterprise to set up a phishing site sales tickets or the first discovery.

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