How to make your site more rich content

, your customer witness: I believe that many companies have done some successful cases, we can put our customers on the list of customer comments, or put in, like Rongde machinery company, they put their customer information on a website, let others feel it is true because the sales process, we must first solve the problem of customer trust, so we must make some good customer witness on the site, let the customer trust strengthen.

two, product reviews: if your online display is the company’s products, so be sure to add customer comments, if no one can comment, to create their own comments, we have a lot of time, when you see a lot of people are comments, you will take it as a judgment standard.

I remember in May, once in Dangdang online to help colleagues son bought a comic book as Children’s Day gift, she recommended five books for me, in the end I help her to choose a book, the price of 160 yuan, because I found that there are more than and 100 people commented on the book, and the evaluation is very high, while the other four almost no comments, and comments are very general, so we do not hesitate to buy the book review is very high.

three, enterprise information: here in addition to the introduction of the enterprise itself, but also should be added to the background of the enterprise, the strength of some of the introduction of the enterprise, so that the customer trust is more enhanced.

four, honorary qualification: put some of the government on your honorary qualification on the Internet, or other honorary certificates, awards put up, let others feel that the enterprise is very authentic.

, five common problems: problems, problems, divided into pre sale and customer service, and is distributed in different pages, solve all the problems and his customer needs, enterprises can not be 24 hours someone on the phone, but we can make a list of customers to buy and use your products encountered the problems in need on the website, let him as long as an Internet can be resolved immediately.

six, information content: information including enterprise dynamic, professional technical articles, media publicity, dynamic enterprise and media, we can see the latest developments in the latest corporate events and enterprises, all on the web; technical articles we professional if they do not have the original, we can go outside to reprint some articles back. The information content rich website.

seven, Links: Links can help you increase your number of external links, so we must do more Links, but do not spread, we can choose the downstream site without direct competition for the conflict of links, and if large portal or professional website links, but also on your website rankings a great help.

believe that all the friends in accordance with the above steps to implement, and is continuing to do, the effect will be twice the result with half the effort!

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