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this morning, after listening to the leadership of the old week of a program, it is very difficult to say: in the end can not do ah, if this can really do, then the family can do, can be done successfully. Replied the old man, "it seems that you have been poisoned by the internet.

weeks old often received some of the so-called micro-blog WeChat what marketing conference invitation telephone, the price motionless on the tens of thousands, I really want to say, your promotion really Niubi, why bitter day playing phone, looking for promotion muffled fortune good product oneself quietly. Don’t tell me you are not living Lei Feng, have good stuff to share with you out too uncomfortable.

the webmaster online to share the experience of the thing the old week did, only leave a chain of chanting, you thought I really give you a share of dry cargo? Or in other words, even if it is the wrong time, the operation of dry cargo, people are not the same, the result is not the same. Experience is very important, experience this thing can not read a few articles can have. Especially the owners of the house (Chinaz), the old week found that more is really more difficult to express, dry cargo, but is that what the ten elements "," what a few strokes of the white paper, published more easily. I can talk to the owners of the home and the author said, you say those elements I almost don’t stick to also can make rankings bring transformation?

online ten articles 9 articles in the half wise remark of an experienced person, speaking to the original, this is your request of medical industry editors have become a scholar to publish original papers and research talents? You said this link cannot take the link, can not buy, you have a good look at Ali, Ali, Bole slightly like network the ranking niubable website, but which is not to buy the chain do now there are a lot of links to buy


WeChat promotion ah, if you send a photo of your child, I may feel lovely like a point, you share a bunch of product links, I see the man hurried down, but also how to do? You are my real friends, I can’t pull the black you, but I can choose not to see. If you say you mo hospital specializing in the treatment of ENT diseases, the international leading professional niubable, I can only say that you are too two.

is the brightest experts don’t you let me take the chain, said Baidu said the chain algorithm of various plants die, do I have to let the content of user experience, but we are not medical experts don’t have too much original ability, our website online business day bomb bomb away crow’s feet, did not have what the user experience, but ranking up and stable because of what is? Analyze to the expert people


network this line, a very serious problem is that too many white like to take cases as cases. Just took over one or two enterprise stand, the original included 10, a month to do included in the 100, "great, I how so NB, I wrote an article published experience." There was even a publicity is invincible classes " SEO master ", so many years did not see.

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