Taobao store network promotion experience summary

more and more entrepreneurs in Taobao to test the water, and therefore attracted a large number of businesses stationed in Taobao. In fierce market competition, Taobao this shop also began the tricks to attract customers, but also have many shopkeepers because not too much money into the network promotion, so it is difficult to do. The following summary I have done for many years Taobao promotion of some methods:

1, SEO optimization promotion. Keywords optimization promotion of store plays an important role, in addition to the shop decoration on the entire page out of the ordinary outside (of course, because it is the third party platform, so it is difficult to store decoration in order to achieve the desired effect), also need to consider the web page is not too much, lest the pages open slow. In key words can make your baby information and the current hot topic of popular vocabulary allocation is to do a couple of high heat words.

2, Amoy promotion. Use a variety of soft Wen promotion, remember to add hyperlinks, so as to increase the information portal.

3, Taobao forum, community, post post. This is mainly for the store’s brand image.

4, links. You can choose some of the relatively high weight of the site, the industry’s Web site, the industry with a good reputation of the shop to do links.

5, the establishment of personal space, blog, optimization and promotion.

6, joined Taobao, Ali mother alliance etc..

7, want to join the group.

8, one of the most important links – add consumer protection.

9, visit old customers. Holiday greetings during the holiday season will often become one of the important means to consolidate old customers.

10, pay attention to the consumer information, and then embedded in the relevant information to answer.

11, the use of praise management. Praise can often become an important resource in the promotion of network advertising. At present, consumers have a habit of buying things, goods than three, which is also a major factor in the decision.

12, make money grab community advertising.

13, the establishment of membership discount system will be conducive to the maintenance of old customers.

14, even if the buyers and buyers to communicate with the show, for their own shop to create a reputation.

15, mostly in the forum community inside, answer more questions.

16, IM information group. Identify the nature of the group. For example, I used to be a young man’s clothing, then I will find women, fashion, beauty, and so on to send a group of messages, because targeted relatively strong, but also really effective. But because the administrator of the audit is very serious, do not pay attention to, a few seconds was T, so the release of information on the need for a series of skills and early maintenance of the relationship.


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