BAT product manager and reference and the beginning of the heart

in today’s market, if the product operators still follow the past on the past, Hunguo elite multinational companies, through BAT driven product operation mode, so it cannot keep up with the pace of market changes and user.



first point: DAU growth of over ten million self-confidence

2015 November 14th Beijing time evening news, the domestic mobile Internet big data monitoring platform TrustData released two reports on November 14th report shows that the double eleven day Taobao active users billions of dollars. "2015 ten a China Mobile Internet electricity supplier industry analysis report" data show that since November, Taobao active users gradually expanded, the double eleven day outbreak peak, more than one hundred million.

Hunguo Taobao, Tencent products, operations, technology people know this entrance product shoes for 3 full line tonight, tomorrow morning, tens of millions of DAU, so the skin feeling is the most direct perception of certain product is what I do (actually only a certain small module, but the overall performance of the product is beyond don DAU) this is my confidence, BIG.

second points: DAU over ten million release experience

Taobao functional revision, the release process is a long process of chantui, will experience a gradual on-line switching process, such as the first cut 2% whole network traffic, this time to the user data in the 1 and 2 hours were collected, then may product, operation, testing, technology has because a small user experience and feedback is decided to pause or continue. This stage is equivalent to AB test, through AB we know whether the performance of the product to achieve the design of the cow force. If Niubi can circle, and not out of bug, then gradually overweight traffic until 50%-100%. The late Taobao has a very good tool chain allows the product manager to see real-time UV version of the PV under the guidance of bucket transactions and other indicators of data.

LineLian also experienced tens of millions of MAU without any release monitoring tools in the publishing process, this process is: three months ago, BOSS said we want to innovate, in addition to the new home, the current DAU little more than ten million, after the reform will be able to more than 15 million, the product Manager promises out, all through the night after the design of the prototype ha ha, bitter technology R & D, very Niubi to the inside, BOSS said the layout is good, but did not allow on-line, on-line monitoring tools, this time with the following figure in the process to gradually peatlands. Pictured below:


part of the product manager, operations, technology to witness the product from small to large gray release of the entire process, LineLian perception is only experienced the process, will be a profound experience: different production >

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