Network promotion bottlenecks encountered who will pay the bill

Before the Spring Festival has a

make friends consult me, say a place to get the city portal, registered members to more than 3 thousand never go up, want to send some post on the Internet to attract popularity, the results will be deleted posts, and even had sealed the IP "courtesy" at the time, almost collapsed, he thought of the website promotion from online to offline conversion.

before the Spring Festival, he ran to the enterprise printing 3000 "Fu", large, low-end printed on the LOGO and web site, began in the office and high-grade area doorway at eye hair, also bought a pack of cigarettes, to high-grade area doorway to the security guard, with connection logo "Fu" scrolls on the wall. Soon, the 3000 blessing word finished, back home, landing their website, found that the flow is not large change. He is very depressed to ask me how to do.

What is the

we sent the blessing of the purpose is to let people see? "On the tip, so certainly not to visit the web site?. We analyze the idea of my friend propaganda:

word to get fat target customers with logo "to visit the web site.


problem lies in his character "Fu" sent down, others got this character, a "deal" to the end. As your site sponsor, want others to your web site, but others will not happen, he got the character, the temptation has been met. The process is over.

what should we do? We try to change our ideas:

"red envelopes", a red envelope marked "landing site with a huge surprise" to visit the web site to register to receive a spree.

so, our promotion is effective. But this is not the cost of it?.

How much money

red value? The red paper folded into the form of the envelope, also a few cents cost? Every time before the Spring Festival is the shop specializing in selling large quantities, buy a few cents it, put a special bookmarks, printed on the "XX landing site, receive large packs" website the click rate will go up.

later we simply try it visits straight up, then according to the experience of this activity, we have developed, still using the offline promotion attract online registration form, not only the money, but the integration of resources, get a little extra income. Specific how to do? Because the current activities are in progress, also belong to the trade secret, wait until 5· 12 after, I will the whole operation of the process to write out here to share.

In this paper,

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