Network promotion the first to determine the audience

in the era of rapid development of the Internet, Internet users are more and more emphasis on the site experience, only when seen, in line with their own consumption patterns will be more concerned about the website, the final transformation.

in a small minority of the topic of the market, the webmaster friends share a lot of experience. A niche market segmentation mode according to the high low-end audience gender, hobbies, and market consumption capacity, division. Different people have different audience consumption ability, the author of the following analysis today in niche market age.

web site types can be roughly divided into two kinds: the sales of products based on 2 to provide some of the services provided by the website

first, sales of products based network platform to promote

in the network marketing products, there will be divided into different products based on age. For example: the elderly, middle-aged people love to see the mobile phone number of literary works, or 60 after just started to contact the QQ and other related game crowd, most young people love the group purchase, 80 and 90 love online games, and peripheral products, and some young people’s love of beautiful clothes and so on.

an online marketing team, need to be classified according to the audience of products, such as selling mobile phone related team, can be divided into the old mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, in the end, the students use the mobile phone, mobile phone, high-end men’s woman using a mobile phone, to classify the audience and so on, for continuity or promotion promotion of great help.

classification of this promotion can be more targeted, for example: the New Year holidays, people want to give the old people at home to buy some gift what, then you can focus on the introduction of old machine, publicity for the old mobile phone; the usual holiday related, such as Valentine’s day, then focused on the introduction of the female students as the key to the day, when the propaganda; eleven holidays and so on, the general situation of white-collar workers, or have some spending power of people will have a full 7 days or so, will make some products procurement and so on, so the main push high-end mobile phone, the effect will be better.

two, the main network services, website promotion

in the no product site, in fact, is not really no product, what the content of the site, and what kind of service, are products. Do website promotion, have fine differentiation niche market is essential, only to see better targeted promotion will. Even if a traffic station, if you want to survive for a long time, but also to refine the analysis.

For example,

, a female information website, to promote, it is best to collect some of the women often pay attention to the platform, and then be divided, such as the division of age, the more detailed the more detailed platform.

For example,

platform is the main content of some website Ruili Women dress, then use their own website some clothing articles for submission of information. If it is a platform for women’s emotions as the main element, put their own content in this flat

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