News marketing the demand analysis of enterprise press release

has long wanted to write an article on the different stages of development of the press release for the different needs of the article, today’s time to draw. This paper will be divided into simple enterprise entrepreneurial enterprises, growth oriented enterprises, brand oriented enterprises, the three is the most typical, of course, there are other types of analysis, do this, interested can contact the author of small Ma Shitu masan. Words say, below we talk about specific requirements analysis.

press release of entrepreneurial enterprises demand analysis

entrepreneurial enterprises in the start-up period of the development of enterprises, to release the establishment of market awareness through press releases, establish a good reputation network, to enhance customer trust, to prevent bad reputation without a sense of confidence caused by customer churn intention. According to the demand for small Ma Shitu entrepreneurial enterprises suggestions is the enterprise brand creative focus media, select the good quality of the regular media, can set up the image of the strong sense of trust in the media, media credibility is very poor, unable to let the hair up to win the trust of venture enterprises.

The demand analysis of growth enterprises in

press release

growth type enterprise for network marketing needs more strongly, on the one hand is to enhance the brand, on the other hand is sales promotion, in fact these needs can be satisfied through the news marketing, of course also need to cooperate with other promotion. Enhance brand awareness, so that consumers have a sufficient understanding of the brand and then recognized, to achieve this effect must rely on news marketing. Although hard advertising allows consumers to quickly know the brand, but can not allow consumers to understand, this is the most important step from the cognitive to the recognition of the news marketing. There is only a good sales promotion, sales enterprises have sources of funding, this is the most desired, but the news marketing to enhance sales needs a process, fast track sales promotion or rely on marketing channels such as. Planning and specific recommendations are formulated according to the enterprise to implement the specific background of the author of Mashan marketing news program, the interaction with the penguin 83138237.

The demand analysis of brand enterprises in

press release

brand enterprises, has a better market awareness, customer recognition is relatively high, is not the need for press releases?. Brand enterprises demand for news marketing mainly has three aspects, the first is the daily public relations, brand only continue to sound, in order to maintain the brand, because the consumer market has new consumers in old consumers away; second is a brand new product promotion, mature products will continue to update after meet the needs of more customers, the need to release with the promotion; third is the promotion, this can be generalized to understand why the market activity promotion, press release by the transmission of the news to let the audience know.

is a little experience of author of small Ma Shitu Mashan marketing agency, of course, this classification has no specific boundaries, entrepreneurial enterprises understand, bring up the brand in the market can not public cognition. "

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