7 principles of content marketing

as the saying goes, content is king, as long as it is in command of the content, content marketing is, it is almost the opposite change in advertising, not the pursuit of short-term or immediate irrational direct behavior, but a rational, long-term tendency that education, the content of network marketing is to be true to impress customers the purpose is to establish a trustworthy image in the minds of customers, in the circumstances allowed for customers and then make a simple analysis of marketing. Content marketing does not need general marketing for customers to express a "day three hello" marketing approach, content marketing success, largely because the time to grasp, do useful work, if the content of customer care, to be able to help them, don’t expect the simple three times a day to say hello to impress people.

The next

wisdom wealth sharing in content marketing when dry cargo:

1, to determine the target customers to carry out marketing, we must be clear about the determinants of customer demand, the customer purchase behavior, and you nothing personal, you focus on the content to impress clients, only a clear target customer marketing, will it be possible to obtain good results.

2, the ultimate goal of the content is to attract the target customers to win the content. So we must stand in the perspective of customers in the setting of content, described by customers want language, so that customers will have a warm feeling, something more to say a few "you", the customer will not to reject.

3, creative king, want to get the attention of customers, creative expression is a very good choice". Good ideas are not just an idea, you need to cooperate with the title of the content (do not title party), the content presented in the form of creative description of the clarity, which will directly affect the results of content marketing.

4, the icing on the copy, it is a good idea also need words, text is the most direct telepathic communication between people. A good idea is not only the need to show the picture, but also the need to cooperate with the text. Because each customer has a different perspective on a picture, and sometimes even deviate from the original idea of the creative. So we must have the power collocation of words, the content of marketing, but also can make use of opinion leaders in providing excellent content and influence, to copy the icing on the cake.

5, good at citing network content marketing its carrier is different from other traditional ways of content marketing, participation is very strong. Identify with people, increase the credibility, content marketing is more vivid and life.

6, excellent content publishing platform selection is also very important, we can publish content on micro-blog, you can also publish content to the forum, you can also publish content to the public platform, etc.. On the other hand, we need to optimize the content of the release, so that it is more suited to the search engine crawler algorithm, we need to make accurate label remarks on the content.

7, seemingly obscure ideas will have a profound impact. In content creation

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