Google ranking strategy SEO strategy for large web sites

early Google ranking technology to simplify and write it out, although thought of the GOOGLE ranking will heat up, but did not expect to be hot to this extent. In 2004, every day there are no less than 10 friends who need this call to my company. Every day, SEO Business Department of the company’s brothers have to spend most of their time on the client, the technical department chooses brothers are often busy until midnight…… People are starting to focus on SEO. SEO is indeed a very effective network marketing strategy, because the use of this strategy, it will be easy for your potential customers to call home. Recently, more and more large sites began to focus on SEO.

I used to write about the Google ranking strategy articles, mostly for small and medium enterprise website, because of the nature of large business sites and small and medium-sized enterprises are very different, so they are against their SEO strategies are quite different, here I detail to talk about large website SEO strategy.

strategy: do not deliberately pursue a keyword ranking

large web site if the deliberate pursuit of a keyword in a short period of time to get good rankings, use all kinds of means, it is very uneconomical. Because a single key word, even if it is a large amount of search, it gives you the flow is limited.

and the amount of information is very large web site, including the key words are more numerous, if you can improve the overall number of keywords in your page ranking, then your traffic will really fly.

such as: if a popular keyword in front, this keyword can bring you 1000 flow.

but you have one hundred thousand pages, contains hundreds of thousands of words, even, can bring you 1 flow if these words every day, that is the flow of hundreds of thousands.

so, large web site to do SEO, do not deliberately do a keyword ranking, the best pursuit of the overall effect!

strategy two: do not use those dangerous Google may be used as a strategy to cheat

large site traffic sources rely on many aspects, search engines can only become one of the important sources, if not blindly use some may be used as a means of cheating.

in the SEO industry as eager for some people, often with some Google may be regarded as cheating means to quickly reach the ranking effect. These methods use the website, once being punished, the loss is just a domain name to cost 60 yuan, but for a large site, the domain name is the most valuable resource, is not changed, it will suffer heavy losses.

strategy three: large sites want to improve the overall ranking need to consider several aspects of


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