The opportunity and grasp of the market development of the products in the market

the author many years have been engaged in an Internet industry the most basic services, service small and medium-sized enterprise website construction, bitterness and woe. But the rest, she had two coins he took out on the table to play little long time playing a game, the two of the same object, a throw in the air, without falling down and picked up another. However, because the use of two coins are flat, so the difficulty is increased. That is, the process and the market is now linked to the sale, do a case analysis, I hope to engage in the sale of a friend to help.

case analysis:

game: two coins, one placed on the desktop at the middle, a hold in the hand, the rules of the game is to be in the hands of the coin up another coin on the table to get the hands, and then catch the falling coins (throwing up coins must always be connected in hand), finally two coins in one hand as the end of the game.

explained: the desktop coins compared to market resources (customers), the hands of coins such as our resources (products)

requirements 1: single hand to complete

1 a hand to complete, the coin toss, and then complete the whole action, relatively difficult, low probability of success.

case Market Model Analysis: if the two hold in one hand, the use of this conventional model of the probability of success record low.

changes: if placed on the desktop of the coin up, then the whole process is easily accomplished; then we can understand the two ways for the coins placed on the desktop, flat and erect, can be regarded as a client state, there is a demand for cooperation, but the two is not clear. Is the product demand and relatively high degree of agreement.

2 requires one hand to complete, coins must be flat

market analysis: success rate as mentioned above, how can we do this process? Because of "throwing up coins must always pick in the hands of (i.e., their products must have the confidence to grasp)", then this can be used repeatedly to the coin, the coin will table a little movement to the desktop the edge, so that in the final two coins held can be completed in a hand.

Analysis of market model

: customer demand is not clear if the intention of cooperation, totally not the case, step by step guide and communication sales staff have played a major role, repeatedly thrown, a little bit like customer visits of translation tracking, and finally led to cooperation mode.

3 if the coin is not limited to a single hand, the coin must be

this model can use the other hand, a toss, the other hand to pick up the coins on the table, but it must also be moved quickly through the coins to the edge of the desktop to pick up;


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