90% micro providers do not know the two secrets

Internet era, fans who in the world! In the field of Internet, everyone can become a self media, if you can visit 1000 fans, you can live comfortably! But let others, there must be a process, become the eyes of others, a large coffee expert, become a the value of people, honest man


a lot of micro business performance can not be improved, or can not find a breakthrough, that is, do not know how to use the media to operate their own products or to create their own personal brand!

as a qualified derivative from the media, in addition to continue to output the value of your fans, at the same time itself has to learn how to enhance their own influence, no influence from the media, since the media is not a good


so how can we improve one’s own influence?

, through

When the Guangzhou

8.22 micro business transformation of the general assembly, I specially took a disciple together in the past to participate in the study, in the assembly process, my friend Wang Shuangxiong teacher was built two group, and the disciple I just in the group of second.

then, he came to me and said, "look, I’m the second one in the group. A lot of people take the initiative to add my friends!"

I said: "I have a way to allow more people to increase the initiative to add your friends!"

he said, "how do you get it?"

I said: "you in the group chat name behind with Zhu Weikun disciple, and then to the group to speak more, there will be more people will add you."

he said, "OK, I’ll try!"

The results of

, a lot of people really with him! Why? Because I asked him to borrow Zhu Weikun’s fame, of course, this is the leverage! He is Zhu Weikun teacher, he is the resource itself, just don’t know what to use. On the other hand, if you do not get permission from others, do not borrow the name of others, unless you are helping others.

In fact, we

everyone has a lot of resources can be used up, we just ignore yourself! For example, in the whole process of micro business conference in the presence of so many big coffee, you can go with their photo, and send it to your friends, tell others, together with you a large coffee, so as to enhance their own personal charm, let more people appreciate you.

some people will worry about the big coffee are not willing to take a picture with you, in fact, this is the idea of excess, unless you are with the product to ask for a photo or basic will agree to your request, because the big coffee also need publicity, when you put your photo of the sun to the circle of friends, but also in the invisible to do publicity, if you can put their micro signal to push out, then I believe that they will love you more


if you have resources, you >

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