How to use Baidu rookie promotion

Baidu, China in the search market, he is always the boss, this is no doubt that we have so many, the master has been groping search methods and skills for promotion, did get some results, after all, Baidu is not our own search site, fate is always held in the hands of others. About Baidu search engine promotion techniques and methods have been discussed for many times, today, will tell you how to use Baidu rookie to promote your web site, you can pass master, do not continue to look down. But don’t shoot me bricks, this article only for rookie. Etc.anyway, point.

1, Baidu space: don’t know rookie friends have this: we found a lot of time in the Baidu search, Baidu space is almost in the first or second pages, not only is the online repeated contents. This is because Baidu space is Baidu’s own space, of course, the weight of the distribution of enlightenment is relatively high. Therefore, we can open a space of their own in Baidu, and then the site of the relevant information into the Baidu space inside, and finally left behind in the information of our website. It can directly promote the site can also be used for the site to increase high quality even, very helpful for ranking, it is one of what is and is not worth


2: Baidu know article. Baidu now know that the traffic has declined, but we can not underestimate this place, especially some hot new issues, problems, a lot of people every day, we can take our website when answering questions. For example: a man asked: "CCTV-10 Lecture Room where you can watch free?" I answered: "since Lecture Room has been launched, the audience love the show, I am also a Lecture Room enthusiasts, are concerned about CCTV-10 every day Lecture Room column, at the same time, I also often on,, on the previous video, these large sites are a good video station, resources, fast and stable, is worth watching.". The answer to this question, can not be seen in advertising, indirect promotion of the site, but also to do a high quality. Worth trying.

3: Baidu post bar. Baidu post bar can be said to be the most popular Baidu, the most active place. As long as your site in the above, can bring hundreds of flow in ten minutes, but now it won’t give us human, see advertising it deleted, they are not a bit tired? Hehe ~ ~ ~ ~ of course, we can not easily give up this fat, you delete significant advertising, then we to a recessive advertising can always be right. This will depend on everybody to more exploration and try posting and reply.

said so much, I do not know if there is no help for everyone, we must pay attention to the promotion of Baidu

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