To do their own e commerce into a new trend of foreign trade development

in the traditional economic mode is more and more complex, the rapid development of e-commerce situation, SMEs need to how to get new market opportunities? Electronic commerce mode of small and medium sized enterprises need innovation and upgrading how? Recently, in the fifth session held in Shenzhen e-commerce application development conference gives the answer. "Transformation and upgrading" is the theme of the conference, and the trading partner network ( marketing oriented Electronic Commerce launched "" (B2M) model won the "2009 transformation and upgrading of the most commercial value award award.

According to the organizers of the state power

latest research report shows that with the application of e-commerce is gradually deepened, the user for the promotion of service marketing demand is more and more subdivision B2B. Single B2B marketing promotion more and more difficult to meet the needs of the enterprise, bring more growth space in the traditional e-commerce platform is not for the enterprise at the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises are more likely to establish their own business model, choose a one-stop Internet marketing service to help customers solve more construction, platform building and marketing in electronic the business needs of the team.

trade partner network ( founder Zhao Xinjun said: "the future of enterprises need not only rely on an e-commerce platform, but do e-commerce enterprises themselves, enterprises also need to have their own e-commerce marketing departments and sites, so that every business has become an e-commerce company. At the same time, enterprises also need to adapt to changes in consumer demand for new marketing methods. It is taking into account the growing needs of the enterprise, we have launched a new model of B2M e-commerce based on integrated Internet marketing."

from Dongguan Jinguan Hardware Factory General Manager Xu Fuyang also said, "we have done three years of electronic commerce, electronic commerce has invested in the year 40 thousand in the promotion of foreign trade network, bring us a return is 4 million; 60 thousand investment last year, we received 7 million of the proceeds. This year we will further expand the scale of existing e-commerce, to build their own e-commerce platform, is expected this year, the company’s e-commerce transactions will reach 70% of the total transaction volume."

data show that in 2009 Chinese SMEs B2B e-commerce has reached the scale of 1 trillion and 860 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5%, and is expected to 2010 SME e-commerce transactions will hit a record high, reaching 2 trillion and 380 billion yuan. Experts believe that, affected by the financial crisis two years ago, on the one hand, the number of electronic commerce services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the increase; on the other hand, some of the original use of e-commerce services to small and medium-sized enterprises have increased investment in e-commerce.

Rapid growth in the

industry also means that more of the updated industry model, but to achieve the industry’s overall transformation and upgrading also need more time. Zhao Xinjun believes that although some companies have come to the forefront of the transformation of e-commerce, but more companies are also exploring their own e-commerce model >

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