Online shopping under the devaluation of the dollar a new opportunity for e commerce

according to the "Ming Pao" reports, to accelerate the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate against the dollar, to stimulate the Chinese residents to buy overseas brand merchandise, and "online purchasing" brings new opportunities to make money is to overseas Chinese, cosmetics, health products, milk and clothing bags, is popular goods purchasing.

is engaged in the business of purchasing New York Chinese Jack Xu in the Chinese territory to open a "global purchasing network", he said: "this store without cost, as long as the brand image to the Internet, has a superb collection of beautiful things. There are customers to buy, the owner only need to work on their legs, that is, the proceeds can be obtained." Jack is currently very hot, in China and the United States have established a service delivery team.

U.S. dollars to pay for the purchase of nearly 5 times the annual growth of

small businesses also have a large profit, Chinese well-known shopping website report released to pay $purchasing, from the first quarter of 2007 rose to 90 million yuan, the first quarter of 2008 520 million yuan, an increase of 481%.

this huge growth, thanks to the appreciation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar appreciation. Brand-name cosmetics, health care products, clothing, bags, is popular goods purchasing, and production of American natural infant formula is Qiaoxiao products.

appreciation of the renminbi, stimulate the buyers desire to buy. Purchases are used to settle the dollar, with the continued appreciation of the RMB, the Chinese consumers, the equivalent of the dollar settlement of goods in the continuous price. In early 2007, the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar or 1:8.2, has now ‘broken’, a $100 of goods on the basis of savings of more than 120 yuan rmb. Jack global purchasing network team with such a calculation method to promote their stores to stimulate consumer desire.

yuan continued to rise abroad cheaper

in the network purchasing, buyers and sellers can benefit from it. For the buyer, not only to buy the latest international fashion goods, but the price is relatively low. Purchasing costs generally include the price of local goods in New York plus purchasing costs and freight. By purchasing a comprehensive collection of various supermarkets in New York discount information, almost always with 50 percent off of the price to buy the latest products, so that about 10% of the additional costs and purchasing a certain number of freight, basically can buy new consumer goods in New York with 40 percent off of the price, very affordable, but also easy to make purchasing a service fee.

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