How will the next ten years of e commerce

e-commerce from the beginning of the journey of the Alibaba’s first ten years of the road, followed by the emergence of B2C, C2C and some time ago to buy a fire. The ten years of e-commerce is very bumpy, the development of e-commerce in China is quite rapid in the past ten years. From the relevant data, almost every year, every quarter are not in the refresh record. It can be said that ten years of e-commerce development, has made great achievements. According to the electronic commerce "12th Five-Year" preliminary planning, in the "12th Five-Year" period, an important part of electronic commerce will be included in the strategic emerging industries, as a branch of a new generation of information technology, will be the focus of the next phase of informatization construction. It is expected that by 2015, e-commerce transactions will quadruple, a substantial increase in the contribution rate in GDP.

from the previous C2C shop to now make money to the development of logistics warehouse explosion, only from the logistics we can see e-commerce how quickly the past 10 years, the development is growing. Now we look back at all, depending on changes in the occurrence of a play to the ground, the e-commerce from before relying on the third party logistics into self built logistics center, from the previous B2C into several mall every day a new on-line e-commerce mall. Where the customer is an obvious example, where the customer before March 2008 is almost no one knows, 09 media reports, by 10 in the first half of last year basically no one knows, because it is the advertising we can see everywhere. This is the e-commerce marketing model, but the general business is not burn the money.

we are going to look at the fire last year to buy, there are people who buy this model for the group to buy 2 last year, it was proposed to buy the idea of 3. Because 2 is the website group purchase group purchase group purchase to come up with something I love, I will go to the 3 group purchase group purchase, through this single mode, I think 3 is user initiated group purchase group purchase things on the website, the website to undertake the first group purchase group purchase. There are a lot of people in favor of this, but it was proposed to achieve the 3 also buy in the technology above, in my opinion, technology is only a small part of the question, the main problem is still the interests of.

so what will be the future development trend of e-commerce, I think the government’s policy guidance. But the next ten years of e-commerce is a war on the thumb, not a mouse. I also agree with this point of view, there are more than a cell phone, after all, there are people who have a computer, which is a large user population. Followed by breaking the cable at any time and place, not necessarily in front of the computer to buy things, but also on the way to work or travel on the way, a little bit of fingers to get. But there are still some limitations, because most of the mobile internet speed problem, the operator signal and so on a series of problems. But these problems will be solved sooner or later. This is the second, because the convenience.

in fact, the next ten years of e-commerce is the real beginning of e-commerce, most of the electronic business

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