Love spell will be able to win inventory of five models of fruit fight group business

recently, fast selling model fruit fight groups, groups fight cyclone swept fruit WeChat circle of friends, so do Internet plus fresh wave, this problem solved? Group fight fruit, is simply between friends and acquaintances through sharing, group, payment into the group several steps you can buy cheap quality fruit, a lot cheaper than a single purchase. With the improvement of living standard, more and more people will be fruit as a daily just need products, people are increasingly seeking a price of excellent quality fruit and fruit purchase channels, fight groups such a similar group purchase mode just to meet the needs of the people.


current mainstream fruit fight mode

fight rules: each item has a separate purchase price and fight price, buy goods orders choose fight groups, obtaining the transfer link opened after successful payment, invite friends offered, offered the group members can also share out offer more members offered within the specified time, the corresponding number of invited to pay then the fight mission success, wait for the receipt; did not reach the number of group purchase fails, the system will automatically refund the payment to the account.

is similar to buy another group

Similar to the

group purchase, and the difference between the traditional group purchase group purchase? The U.S. group, Baidu Nuomi, handles network and enjoy cheap and does not restrict the number of 1 people, and 100 people are buying the same price, but really cheap consumers also do not know, is simply a long period of discount sales, and to fight groups to better reflect the original meaning of group purchase: buyers reached number number of advantages, sellers price attractive enough to attract buyers and sellers of two-way, the final transaction, this will be the old saying: "our people more power". Fight a single process, consumers to fight a single number, the media will form a self consciousness, help the business promotion, the formation of a viral spread, this effect is the traditional group purchase does not have, and this is where the significance of the fight, fight mode cut Internet plus fresh market may become the effective prescription crack fresh ills.

The following

take you to check the fruit business mission to fight emerging businesses.

1, I bought the food network

I bought the food network officially launched in August 18, 2009, in July 2013 the investment fund Saif million dollars financing; in August 2014 also completed a $100 million B round of financing, led by the IDG capital investment, Saif A round of financing after investment; in October 2015 to get $220 million C round of financing, this round of financing led by Taikang Life investment, Baidu, Yunlong capital, investment capital with sunshine together.

I bought the food network for the first time in 2015 launched the "daily fight food benefits activities, including preferential measures including posters, red type promotion, according to the process operation, will generate the personal share of friends, you can get by I bought the food network to provide the red envelopes, can be directly.

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