Small and medium enterprises should pay attention to the 2014 electricity supplier changes

in the past 2013, regardless of the size of the domestic electricity supplier transactions, or foreign electricity supplier industry value, the value is constantly rising. This is inseparable from the rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet for most companies, but also means that more and more consumers choose to shop through the network.

drive in such a large environment, the consumer’s shopping experience what happens? The 2014 electricity supplier will change? And these changes and change of small and medium-sized enterprises have what kind of impact? Please watch it together with the focusing Albert

change 1: search engine will be about consumer shopping decision

inside the question Baidu, foreign affairs asked Google, this sentence in the description of the powerful Baidu and Google, but also shows that people rely on search engines. Everything asked the search engine makes the search engine to become the key to consumer shopping decisions.

companies only need to spend more advertising costs, access to higher traffic, so that products and enterprise information ranking more forward, you can greatly improve the possibility of being selected by consumers.

The direct consequence of this is that

, consumer choice is less. And in many cases, because it is difficult to search for comprehensive information, leading consumers to spend the lowest price consumption.

has studied 50 search engines and 6 shopping categories found that Google search out the commodity prices were 12% higher than the average price, the lowest price in merchandise online, Bing’s search results and YAHOO’s 25% premium, the premium of 31%.

small and medium enterprises thinking: put a lot of advertising costs is not necessary, but was included in the search engine, improve the site ranking is a worthwhile marketing topics.

change 2: the impact of mobile providers, consumers change the search engine is easy

said the different search engine search results to the difference in the prices, so that consumers once found this difference, consumers will be replaced to provide better search results and experience shopping search engine immediately, save more time and money. That is to say, in the moment, consumers want to replace a search engine is too simple, only in the intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer to download a simple shopping search APP, you can search shopping whenever and wherever possible.

: when you think of small and medium-sized enterprises only focus on a platform, and this platform to lose the trust of consumers then, does it mean that you will lose all? Multi-channel, multi platform layout of the whole network, whether it can spread the risk, to get more consumers


change 3: low price is no longer the only pursuit of consumers, they are also important

called them, is to refer to local businesses, product reviews, seller rankings, discount volume, visual search, return policy, shipping, payment methods, etc.. These factors are likely to affect consumption

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