Snow emergency 6 new posture startups grab life saving money

venture circle of winter is still spreading. When VC PE, the "food" conveying nervous investors cautious, another batch of startups because of capital chain disruptions will inevitably fall, most entrepreneurs have to consider these problems: the company’s money is enough? If the company needs, where should find life-saving money?


of course, equity financing is not the only way to get money.

equity financing need to dilute the stake, the cost is high, if the project itself has limited growth space, the significance of this financing is not large. As a startup, if you just need to do short-term liquidity, or do not want to in the winter period self-worth, just want to make the transition to the next stage of the recovery of equity financing, try other financing channels, there may be an unexpected harvest.

God closes a door, will always open a window. Entrepreneur & I horse; finishing the startup "winter" to raise money as more financing channels, financing position to unlock, through the winter difficult, perhaps will be greatly reduced.

NO.1 supply chain financing


index assumes


application advantages: the difficulty and cost is low; suitable for short-term capital turnover; financing has self liquidating, low risk; less intervention, efficient and flexible.

supply chain finance is the focus of this year’s venture capital sector. As the name suggests, supply chain finance is a business that serves the entire supply chain. In trade, as the core of enterprise manufacturers often delay upstream suppliers account, or request the downstream distributors payment in advance, small and medium-sized enterprise funds, but in the traditional financial institutions such as banks and loan difficulties, so the supply chain financing came into being.

due to the small and medium-sized enterprise credit problems, in this way, the main investment agencies look at the core of enterprise credit and stable trade relations, as long as the core enterprise of good credit of small and medium-sized enterprises of the industry chain, it can be high-quality receivables and other packaging, and through the P2P website, trust and information management small loan companies and other channels to get the supply chain financing.

Traditional financial institutions such as Bank of

will provide this way, but due to the risk control more stringent audit, they venture docking is not much, at present, aimed at small and micro business companies, mainly small loans Ali, Jing Bao Bei, the financial and other Internet financial companies.

founder Yao Meng told the stars financial entrepreneur & I; dark horse: "we provide financing in the amount of 1 million to 30 million yuan, the repayment time period, usually dozens of days to months, the most suitable to solve the short-term liquidity problems. Small enterprises only need to pay lower receivables transfer costs, and the risk of debt compared to lower risk, debt maturity by the core enterprise direct repayment, also through our APP a few minutes to fix."

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