Hammer technology marketing team for the first time publicly share the creative planning of dry carg

Sina Technology Li finishing report

what do you think of when you think of hammer technology?

thought of "old"? Think of "feelings"? Think of natural pride? Or think of "pretty like strength"


if you think of any of the above, you can feel the strong brand building and marketing communications capabilities of the Internet phone company. Different from his friends or other Internet Co, he never "Duang" to "Duang", nor coinage, not even when there is a hot event, follow the trend of P a lot of posters, with a few words with an air of importance.

hammer technology to "design" itself, but in the creative, planning and marketing communication, again proved the strength.

whether it is born of pride, or "beautiful like strength", they are very involved in the form to mobilize the enthusiasm of the users, and achieve their branding and marketing objectives in the process of communication.

does this happen by accident? What are the stories and secrets behind it?

in the class of sina entrepreneurial training camp, hammer technology marketing team for the first time publicly shared: hammer technology creativity and marketing is to do so.

is one of the heads of the hammer science and technology creative planning of the grass, in the Sina entrepreneurship training camp to share the truth finishing:

Hello everyone, my name is Cao Wei, hammer technology is mainly responsible for planning activities, as well as copywriting work.

The theme that

wants to share today is how to tell a story.

actually, my boss Luo Yonghao in many times throughout the night to guide my work, repeatedly said to me: "Why are there so many people love to see our conference, such a high degree of concern is nothing more than a good story?."

so we do marketing and communication, in fact, is telling stories.

I agree with him, because I didn’t get into hammer technology before I was faced with a "story telling" question. When I graduated from college in 2010, I was a reporter, interviewed a lot of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and then came back to write an interview. After a period of time, I found that all the words are almost the same. Whether it is a marriage website, or sell shampoo, talk about the content is not much difference. So I wrote the manuscript, in fact, there is not much difference. So basically no one to remember the story, no one to discuss, can not be effectively spread, so I feel that they are doing some of the failure of the works, often feel depressed.

I read a lot of books, but I still do not know, and no one simply tell me: how to tell the story? How attractive?

until 2013, I saw a company called hammer technology, indeed, a man named Luo Yonghao

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