To Party A do not worry about talking too much will limit my creativity

sometimes I meet such a party.

"I actually want to write is a spirit about our brand, our brand feature is very like… Are more ornate style, a bit like that is what ah… Or do not speak too much, so as not to limit your creativity. "

"well, not really, you have to say that we are better to play, more can write the feeling you want. "

"Oh well, you are a professional, or give you play well, you think our brand is more suitable for walking this style, you want a good. "

"well, what’s your product feature?"

"what do you think? What are the characteristics of our products from your professional point of view?"

"well… It seems a little different from the market…"

"Yeah, we this is related to the market is not the same, but it is not the same place, you still want to play, I am afraid I said too much will limit your imagination, after all, you might write more professional, more creative. "

well, to be honest, sometimes not.

is a lot of time!

I really want to say:

dear party, we are writing a copy, not in fortune telling, nor is it psychic.

is a disease not say to see a psychiatrist, don’t come to our heart.

is similar to this kind of situation, also very often appear in the worker of many kinds of creation.

many owners are worried that they talk too much, will not hinder our creativity.

only the money is too little will hinder our creativity ah!

originally when we work for the party, it is not free to play creative work, but to meet the needs of Party A.

a lot of worry about the party will limit our creativity, but in fact, the first party wants, is our creativity in his mind.

so we are doing the work, is to create a party like style.

we really creative show, from the creation of their products, as I write my own novels, articles, etc..

in receipt of the needs of Party A, written in line with the needs of the owners, is the most important.


as for the creativity, the party actually think they are very creative, but not the ability to practice.

so if you don’t know what you want, just want you to play, then be careful.


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