Community website popular skills exchange

"I can drive, can when sparring, would like to use this skill to find a friend to teach me english." After the exchange of things on the Internet, a new form of exchange – skills exchange began to pop up in the community online.

skills exchange both save money and save time

exchange skills, namely exchange skills with their speciality, exchange their own skills with others, each one takes what he needs. The reporter learned from a number of community network, trying to exchange skills and posting on the Internet a few people, to master a skill of the party to achieve mastery of another skill without money to exchange with the pure skill level of the other party. The exchange of content from French to English, fitness and entertainment, car driving, fancies of men of letters, and even network design, wine, photography and so on. Nothing needed is lacking. The main group is the exchange of white-collar workers.

many users keen skills exchange

and for such exchanges, many users have expressed great interest. "No money can learn so many skills, but I only need to provide a skill you can, Why not??"

"the exchange skills, not every evening special ride to be far from the skill school to study, because both sides are not far away, just want to learn to learn the skills of hand in the door."

in order to successfully launch its own exchange, a lot of friends in the "flagship" skills at the same time, also listed their other attractions. "I understand the IT network communication, familiar with the small rise in early and Middle School Mathematical Olympiad, love swimming, skating, chess, table tennis, fitness, travel, dancing, cooking delicacy, Monday to Friday morning or noon time, can accompany you to practice driving, the car is free, I want to find a friend to teach me English oral english." Like this is introduced on the Internet more be too numerous to enumerate.

skills exchange can also get friends

experienced a lot of skills exchange users have said that in exchange skills, but also to make some friends. "I do not know, and now more opportunities to contact, and gradually become friends." A resident surnamed Wang told reporters. "My friends used to be teachers, scholars, and so on, and now I have some friends in the IT sector through the exchange of skills. Not only increased skills, but also a lot of knowledge."

experts advise: to pay attention to safety when switching

for this emerging skills exchange, there are many people worry. "Don’t look at them as if it were raining flowers online blowing is not true, in fact, what." Many users in the forum have raised such questions.

in addition, there are many users worry about security issues when the two sides meet. In this regard, the experts pointed out: network exchange as a platform for exchange of knowledge and skills, there is a strong interaction, and the cost is very low. However, participants must pay attention to their own safety, to prevent the exchange of skills to be used by people with bad social motives." Some websites are also dedicated

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