Why do companies prefer event marketing Every year a new year and be not of the common sort

life is nothing annoying role, but rely on the marketing industry "fuss", holding the hot events to promote their own brand of


event marketing in "an eventful year" of the Internet community, plays an irreplaceable role, even if no event occurs, to a few pieces of self hype, we analysis the role of event marketing again after finishing system event marketing tactic, see the inherent reasons of enterprises are loyal to the event marketing.

Characteristics and advantages of

event marketing

headlines from time to time, but always focus on your brand. Then through the headlines incident light, give users pay attention to the headlines in circle to build a new road, let the masses out of energy to your brand, we call it the drainage, this is both direct exposure to the brand, or the indirect conversion of the products have played a good role in optimization the.


event marketing advantage is: the headlines from time to time, you can not worry about the material, but this is a double-edged sword, the masses of the headlines concern exists its own slope and gradient mode, you must have the most rapid events into marketing ability.

event marketing of the usual way: according to things and self hype

If the

has the ability to self hype, of course, would be the best event marketing, center volcano temperature is much larger than the surrounding, but not many will dominate the "Volcano" and has the ability to transform this temperature into self brand energy, a hot empty handed more likely is less and less, so the derivative one of the most commonly used and most insurance "in hot events" event marketing mode.

son Wanda Wang Sicong using wanda.com to jump to the micro-blog home event successfully provoked the users and the media attention, the Tencent, Baidu, Wanda Group jointly established Wanda electricity providers to be concerned about the climax of

!After the

from Apple "Bigger than bigger" conference language to find hot and Tucao, many enterprises are playing to follow, using apple with hot topic to make their own event marketing, and it will be eventually evolved into a goeseveryone material high flame, snowballing large and successful marketing events. The heat is peer action, Meizu will be slogan deduction, highlight the importance of the quality of their products again based on "on the Bigger than bigger": "Bigger and bertter", Samsung is an occasion to taunt: "no one is going apple to buy a big phone, guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds" following the irony before Apple said not a large screen mobile phone duplicity, stressed that Samsung is a big screen in the era of mobile phone brand.

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