SAC halted eleven double discount price Jingdong said misinformation

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) November 6th news, today reported that Jingdong has issued an emergency notice to the business, said the trade and Industry Bureau requirements will prohibit the use of electronic business platform discounts and reference prices and other information. Businesses must be in the shop today and take the page appears all reference price, Jingdong price, the original price and other words to get rid of all, only to retain the price of promotional goods.

news, Jingdong, businesses and stores each product details page almost all marked "Jingdong" price, after receiving the notice, the business is advertising and promotional copy modify nonstop, as far as possible words related to shield.

however, the Jingdong insiders of Tencent said, Jingdong issued an emergency notice to business is a business promotion proposal is not normative, SAIC halted double eleven discount on the State Administration for Industry and Commerce halted double eleven discount price that is actually the media misinformation.

said the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in reference is pointed out, businesses posted commodity reference price to have accurate sources, must have the credentials to mark, if you can not prove to be the reference price, the reference price is recommended to cancel the merchant mark.

analysts pointed out that the Circular of the General Administration of industry and commerce is mainly to avoid false price reduction, price promotions and other acts. SAIC had also interviewed Ali, Jingdong, and other 10 large electricity providers, requires a comprehensive combing the recent network commodity prices.

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