To introduce several ways to make money today

The valuable experience of

Wangzhuan of nearly two years, do Wangzhuan friends should know that now is nothing but there are several: Wangzhuan and surf money; mail money money money; search; registration; game; network marketing system; to make money; money survey etc.. In these 5 kinds of ways, the credibility of the foreign relatively high, but not suitable for the Chinese people. The reason for English reason of mail we cannot easily see his meaning, and blindly click test results of some deceptive mail or click in a short time can not distinguish, the result is the boss or not to delete the account payment. One more thing is that it’s a waste of time to email and click on it, and it’s not guaranteed to receive cash payments for a few months.

is also a note, a lot of money advertising is almost all Wangzhuan aspects of advertising, there is little commercial or advertising company. We need to know Wangzhuan company paid us advertising company is after all the money invested, if this system has no products or advertising, the advertising system, what is the use of the results is our own in their own propaganda, so I to this kind of Wangzhuan company. Very worried, because he did not do any publicity practical significance. So even if you make money is temporary. Sixth kinds of network marketing, it is difficult to do, because the Chinese people on the network marketing is also skeptical, it is difficult to accept the customer is not easy to do. It is difficult for seventh people to have a certain amount of computer knowledge, website production and management, which is difficult for many people. I am engaged in Wangzhuan nearly two years. Although also earned a few thousand dollars, but the experience is too hard to sum up three words.

click on the mail has cost me too much energy to do to do, I summed up a few people make Wangzhuan principles: must be Chinese interface like the first five people did not have the strength of several all is a liar, you know Chinese deceptive technology is superb.

two: any member of the work has a certain value. In the world’s top five businesses have no real value. These two principles are important: most people are not like the Hongkong English level is so high, we visit any website to quickly understand the contents inside; we do not work such as value, who will buy our account. Such as the exclusion of my personal experience and the choice of words, summed up, to investigate the most suitable for Chinese people to make money.

I also put the main energy 95% in the last survey to make money. There are several reasons for choosing to make money. A: investigation of the company’s ideas: for businesses or manufacturers to investigate what kind of defects in a product; a kind of communication services consumer psychology, we prefer a brand of digital cameras… Do you think there is any information about this company will not be willing to spend money to buy, he would like to buy a survey company will have the money to pay us to participate in the survey.

two: you can learn a lot through the investigation, to keep up with the trend of the times.

three: fill in the questionnaire is very simple, how do you think about how to fill in.


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