The use of ebook promotion B2B industry website trick

this excerpt from "the commonly used methods of B2B industry portal website promotion combat cheats" fifth chapter fourth ebook promotion is often do a lot of business consulting report, but long before it has been applied to the promotion of the website, such as a Alibaba before the launch: "foreign trade network marketing handbook", the purpose is to we have to do foreign trade education through the network, at the same time, apparently in order to China supplier promotion ". Promote the use of e-books, if done well, you can achieve a good viral marketing effect.

for the B2B industry portal, we have very little knowledge of their own team of industry technology, marketing, management talent, but we have resources. Web browsing, to show the way to extract information, especially for technology, marketing and management knowledge, not in itself with the change of time, how much will change, at least most of the article, some 3 years of value. And often on your network, usually only see the latest article, seldom go to search the essence of the content, before also, because most of the user is busy, it is difficult to have the patience and time to find a good article, so the e-book production is in order to save the time of users, the users are most concerned about, the most the essence of the content by editing the readers show.

in view of the demand, we use electronic journals, the article illustrated, select the essence of the article, more conducive to reading, using the latest production technology of electronic journals, according to the year 1, or 2 times a year, that don’t make a monthly spend too much time, the two site is not the essence of the content too much, it is difficult to make the essence of the journal. If you do well, will spread to each other we get, to achieve low cost website viral promotion, here to introduce in detail:

1, B2B industry website how to make ebook

on how to make the e-book industry website, simple, very easy to say, is the website content after selection, re editing, typesetting, with beautiful illustrations, making software for e-books, can make electronic journals. But we do one thing, the first thing to think what is good for us, for the B2B industry website, it is to encourage people through the network to promote our orders, service charges; the other one is the B2B industry portal features, is the B2B industry website has a lot of technology, marketing and management knowledge, we put these knowledge together, can provide knowledge to the user, but also enhance the brand promotion website, website. Here is a detailed description of how to make these two types of electronic journals.

(1) counseling through the network to do marketing

is a typical example of this is the "foreign trade network marketing handbook", in this case, not the main promotion fee, but should provide a major knowledge, educating consumers, than forced consumers to buy to more effective, more conducive to the long-term development of the site, an industry website, on the middle and lower reaches we should choose.

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