Chinese electricity supplier golden development inflection point coming

at the beginning of 2011, the electricity supplier is regarded as VC eyes "xiangbobo" in the hands of VC and immediately become the "hot potato", just the beginning of group purchase industry sounded thousands of war at the end of the year, and through collective collapse of the tide, just the beginning of a electricity supplier in the spring Rhapsody, at the end of winter and smell the inflection point has electricity supplier come. China’s e-commerce industry in 2011 experienced an unprecedented ups and downs, tangled in the throes of rapid and thrive. At the end of the Bi Sheng electricity supplier "hoax" theory, especially in the media and industry launched a series of slobber war, let originally in the electricity supplier in the teeth of the storm once again become the focus of public opinion.

relative to the current industry, winter on different, I think it is the current commercial development of the golden period, the industry is about to return to rational, an important turning point into the healthy development of the track. I began to pay attention to in 2002 and engaged in electricity supplier work, so far has not experienced the true sense of the spring, what is the winter?

electricity supplier industry in recent years, the habit of training and guidance, consumer habits have been basically formed, restricting the development of China’s electricity supplier credit, payment, logistics three obstacles have been basically cleared. Internet users are also from the habit of cheap Amoy, Amoy like, Amoy to facilitate the quality of the mature stage of change. 2011, China’s electricity supplier transaction size or over 750 billion, an increase of more than 50% in 2010, the number of online shopping nearly 200 million, Internet users penetration of nearly. According to a report by Boston consulting, China’s e-commerce market will reach 2 trillion yuan by 2015, and China is likely to overtake the United States as the world’s largest e-commerce market. At the same time, in 2010, led by the Ministry of industry, including the national development and Reform Commission and other 9 ministries jointly developed the electronic commerce "12th Five-Year" mentioned in the draft plan, is expected to 2015, e-commerce transactions will quadruple, a substantial increase in the contribution rate in GDP. China’s electricity supplier market spending power and growth potential, no doubt. I believe that with the further optimization of the payment and logistics environment, before and after the electricity supplier in 2015 will really enter the stage of the national online shopping, electricity providers in the world when the spring will come true.

at the same time, the Internet business in the electricity supplier is the most clear profit model. Essentially, there is no difference between the electricity supplier’s business model and the traditional retail model, the only difference is the form of expression. October 26, 2010 Mcglaughlin Nasdaq, becoming China’s first B2C e-commerce stocks, in December 9th, Dangdang also successfully listed on the New York stock exchange. Chinese business development is the international capital market recognition, which pushed the domestic hot money have at the business enterprise, triggered a new round of this year’s electricity investment boom. Under the background of competition, business platform have to get together online, the same category B2C platform homogenization phenomenon is very serious, started regardless of the cost, crazy burn grab the market, grab the user of the road, but the nature of the business is profitable, therefore does not have the ability of sustained burn B2C natural selection, which is also in line with the market development > Normal

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