Read earnings trading volume increased by 111% Jingdong Mao or loss

this year, Jingdong certainly not comfortable. Listed by Ali, get rid of a few blocks; the walls are Suning and Gome pressure; fight the fashion, is Dangdang sniper, with Tencent even if the cooperation did not seem to account for what is cheap. The Jingdong… Wants to take the WeChat pay also keep pace with O2O, but did not always get help from WeChat three, the position of the page so tepid embarrassed.


just yesterday, Jingdong released the latest three quarter earnings. I’m sorry, or loss. When the Jingdong made early in the two quarter earnings report, Feimao had predicted the three quarter, it still can not walk out of the vortex loss. It seems that bad things are always the most accurate.

According to the

results, third quarter total trade of Jingdong (GMV) reached 67 billion 300 million yuan (about 11 billion dollars), an increase of 111%; third quarter net income of 29 billion yuan (about 4 billion 700 million dollars), an increase of 61%. The data looks really bad, but eventually the net loss of 164 million 400 thousand yuan (about $26 million 800 thousand), net profit rate of -0.6%. A long trading volume so dazzling, profit is negative, the cost is high?

for the previous quarter loss related amortization expense is exactly the same, mainly from the strategic cooperation with Tencent and Tencent acquired part of the assets and business generated. It seems that the marriage is really a big loss with Tencent, two consecutive quarters are planted in this top, I do not know whether the fourth quarter.

is also yesterday, Jingdong’s old rival – the United States also released three quarter earnings, sales revenue of $44 billion 665 million, net profit of $1 billion 18 million, a significant increase of 74.9%. Jingdong with Ali’s effort is not finished, the United States and to plug. However, the increase is still behind the plug, or yesterday, pat is responsible for the operation of the vice president, was once the intime network CEO Lin Chen announced his departure, which is the number of executives left Jingdong?.

me to really suggest fat incense burning to bad luck. The school on behalf of the network and dug up "Jingdong, thousands of merchants settled in a joint boycott of Jingdong" news, although Jingdong official to give the reply is: just give the punishment on the part of the single brush business, not thousands of merchants signed a rebellion. But the watch is not always too big, even if this media exaggeration, but the Jingdong is trapped in the pit beyond dispute. A little back, really can not blame society, this is their own Zuo out.

look at Jingdong in recent years is how to gradually lose credibility it:

in August 15, 2012 by the Jingdong to electricity price war, Colombia has repeatedly claimed that the whole network lowest, was eventually defeated the first parity software, his face.

in January 2014, East in a media conference, paizhexiongkou said, the Jingdong is not bad money, 5 years not listed; and, the new year’s Eve.

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