Red stone network marketing for beginners


is eleven during the holiday, many of our webmaster and love of network marketing, still in the network to learn or struggle. For example, today a university student asked me the basic knowledge of network marketing, and he is the study of e-commerce professional and open "in the course of network marketing", from this point, there are still a lot to learn, learning network marketing network marketing, this situation and summarize this knowledge based on red stone (I) the network marketing for beginners should pay attention to briefly talk about.

first, learning network marketing must first understand what is the network marketing, network marketing is the definition of domestic several claims, summed up the definition of what network marketing is very simple, the network marketing: "enterprises, institutions and individuals use a variety of products for the Internet network marketing activities". This is a relatively simple definition in order to allow beginners to broaden their horizons not limited to the definition of the book said. Because the network marketing both at home and abroad are in the early stages of development, there are a lot of things to learn and summarize the network marketing research.

second, the network marketing platform, generally speaking a variety of Internet products are network marketing platform, as long as you can find and capture, you will be very good use of a variety of products of Internet marketing activities. May be abstract. Let me give you a simple example for better understanding. For example you can use Baidu’s "Encyclopedia" marketing, some people say how to use "Encyclopedia" marketing ah, confused. It doesn’t matter, you’ll understand when I’m done. I can set up a knowledge point based on Baidu encyclopedia, for example, to build a "network marketing" is the definition of network marketing, pay attention to the definition of the authority and must have some validity, or not through the Baidu audit. After the establishment of a good entry must indicate the source, indicating the source of the link with the best. The same enterprise products can also use Baidu encyclopedia. I don’t have to explain that. The use of Baidu Encyclopedia of the Internet products is the most basic thing in the network marketing.

third, a variety of network marketing means there are many treatment network marketing development, here I talk about network marketing methods commonly used means, usually construction and network marketing website SEM, blog marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, network hype, word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing, network marketing (RSS polymerization). Other marketing activities using the Internet products, but also network marketing methods are not commonly used and some simply do not develop.

fourth, the practice of network marketing, network marketing ultimately through practice to achieve its value, I say a brief network marketing practice, which is helpful for beginners. In fact, the practice is mainly the use of Internet products, such as blog network marketing to establish a special blog, have a great relationship, how to write blog writing, the network marketing and personal understanding, adhere to write a blog every day. Join the enterprise blog when writing informative brand information on.

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