Occupation bad reviews division thousand gray industrial chain integrity test of online shopping

a lot of friends in the selection of the shop, they tend to view the seller’s credit rating and other buyers given evaluation, many sellers will also be regarded as the evaluation of the store operators lifeline". Some malicious buyers seize this mentality, start a professional evil judge, in order to shop as a means to evaluate the seller to ask for money, there are friends broke the news that some of the professional assessment of the monthly income of up to ten million yuan.

legal experts have called for the implementation of the real name system can be explored for buyers, through further improve the mechanism to further standardize the online shopping platform.

bad normal loophole evaluation mechanism

reporter saw at taobao.com forum, a friend said in a post, you know a Shanghai friend in QQ, the friend said that he is to buy things through bad people to make money, I would buy things, then contact with the seller after receiving the goods, by all the way to hint him, if you do not return the money, give him a bad review, many sellers are worried about the shop business affected, choose to give me my money back, simply choose to give up has sent out the goods. Then I will sell the goods received, can easily earn a pen."

in recent months, this kind of professional assessment division in the online shopping platform is not an individual phenomenon, in the fence forum, broadband mountain and other well-known forums, on the buyer malicious evaluation post is not uncommon. The reporter collects some commonly used means of occupation on the Internet such as bad teachers, some bad teacher in the selection of the seller, generally do not choose the city or the surrounding city sellers, so better able to avoid the sellers looking for their trouble, and find some credibility is not high sellers start especially the "drill" below and has joined the consumer protection of the seller, because only for "heart" sellers, such as a few poor, severely affected by the stores will. And the occupation bad teacher said, try not to leave the handle in the chat, chat and sellers, emphasizes that the product is not good, and then through the QQ chat or call to the seller and the seller usually implies refund, beginning would not think of the telephone recording, in order to ensure the credibility of the shop, some the seller must reluctantly returned the money.

also, in Baidu "have ah", eachnet.com and other shopping sites, there are also a number of malicious buyers, a netizen in Baidu "have ah" forum posting said: "your hard store but still be buyers malicious evaluation."

online shopping derived a new gray industrial chain

reporter learned in the investigation, from the online shopping credit rating and evaluation mechanism derived from the gray career far more than professional bad judge. Reporters on the Internet to search for people, in addition to the special bad bad teachers, and specifically to help people delete poor delete bad teacher, some deleted poor teachers through the issuance of small ads to the seller, claims can be removed through the poor site internal staff, delete a price in every 200-300 yuan. Insiders admitted that this is a special brush credit companies similar to some of the upstream companies are also sent to the seller by

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