Never cut Kelon launched KFC WeChat direct

speaking of KFC, what would you think? Does KFC?? now, KFC and solutions, that is just the direct model WeChat Kelon air-conditioning to launch (Kelon Factory to Customer).

KFC, literally means "to users from the factory, but the play is different Kelon air conditioner. The new model has 3 key words: never price, headquarters direct sales, 48 hours delivery synchronization.

never price, because the price has been the lowest

what is the biggest lie in the world?.

on the market in the face of endless, even without the bottom line without integrity of the price war, many consumers are already tired, "not the most cheap, cheaper next time", "said all the time is the lowest"…… Consumers have produced such a negative impression. Therefore, WeChat Kelon air-conditioning sales, no longer play the marketing skills, but to provide cost-effective products directly to consumers, but also to ensure adequate supply, the price is no longer.

"no longer because the price is the lowest price." KELON responsible person said. WeChat public platform login "Kelon flagship store" can be seen, a large 1.5 horse 2 speed except hanging type air conditioner of formaldehyde, as long as 2299 yuan. The same configuration of the product, the market price at least 3299 yuan, even the golden week promotion, is also very difficult to achieve the price of 2299 yuan in Kelon air-conditioning flagship store, every day is the price.

Kelon responsible person said, "Kelon flagship store" by the headquarters of direct sales, excluding all intermediate dealers, agents of the links, so the cost has a natural advantage. Moreover, the pricing principle of all products is a price, once in place, directly to the ex factory price to consumers, no longer price.

(WeChat pay, buy 0 risk)

it is worth noting that, in the channel of choice, Kelon air-conditioning did not choose the traditional offline channels and fast business platform, but with the increasing maturity of the hand WeChat, WeChat ecosystem and more than 600 million users, two times through the development of WeChat public service number. One consideration is that WeChat’s ecosystem is relatively closed, usually do not harass users, can maintain the best experience.

SF express, 48 hours to install in place

K1, K2, K3, K4, in Kelon flagship store is currently only 4 products (K3, K4 will be listed in December) in the pin, and all are hanging air conditioning! Because Kelon air-conditioning, air-conditioning sales around 80% out on the market are hang up, so I decided to focus on hook, making the explosion. Different from the traditional home appliance enterprises to channel the same product practice segment, WeChat Kelon air-conditioning flagship products from the appearance, performance parameters, and even to the packing box, instructions are re designed, not only completely different from the current sales of Kelon air-conditioning type, what.

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