Taobao shopping six tips to make you easy Taobao

before you buy; ask yourself a few questions:

: how much you consider the price? What is your first priority to buy things? The estimated price you most want to know? Just a search on Taobao products, ranging from a few more than hundreds of sellers in the sale, who do you want to buy? The first is to estimate to sort by price? Want to save money, of course, to find the cheapest price, this is common, in the same quality, a 10, a 30, which one do you buy? No one would choose 30? (except, of course, rich don’t care how much money but in the quack) Taobao buyers are mostly to Amoy things, what is the essence of Amoy? Of course is high quality and inexpensive, the value for money!! I do not want to say you can understand.

two, you forget the postage? Said the price can not say the postage, in Taobao, postage is borne by buyers (except the shipping), so when you consider to buy a baby, postage is you have to consider the issue, some sellers to price itself baby very low, but the postage is very high, you can see in the search, such as a baby, a seller of goods price of 15 yuan, postage 12 yuan, a seller of goods price of 18 yuan, postage 5 yuan, which one do you prefer? Maybe a lot of friends only pay attention to the buyer the price of commodities and ignore the postage issues, or buyers choose several kind of goods, do not pay attention to the issue of postage, but we can let you dig money less, the difference lies in the postage on


three, you carefully looked at the store? When you choose the right baby sellers from the search into the store, the store decoration furnishings have you noticed? Good decoration will make people feel comfortable, the most important thing is to see how much the storefront renovation shop owner put much effort on his shop, I also see some stores with Taobao store template, and then put a dozen dozen things, even started, over a period of time in the post asked, why not come to my shop? If you do into this shop for buyers, there are fewer goods, no any decorated storefront, apply the website pictures of products directly to throw up, would you buy? At least had no choice in the matter, this shop is the most free time before selling sellers play, real sellers are not here What little things in their own shop, but also do not mind decorating shop. Therefore, from the store display and decoration can be seen for the store owner’s attention, which is directly related to the success rate of the transaction.

, the credit rating of four do you really believe that? When it comes to this topic may be the seller to throw a brick, here only for the credit speculation diffuse snow sellers, hard up drill friends don’t scold me! Many buyers friends in search of baby love with such a condition, the seller is above diamond search it is found, the search, the credit is very high, but it is really as you wish? Did you see him (she) how many links are selling something and you want to buy something? Said it may not understand, both >

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