B2B labor forces electricity supplier of new leather easy labor exhibition debut in Shanghai

2016 92 Shanghai labor show in April 17th – 19 day held in Shanghai New International Exhibition center.

The ninety-second

Chinese labor protection supplies fair to thousands of enterprises at home and abroad, together to write a new chapter in the development of occupation safety and health industry! Throughout the production enterprises, through the labor of the platform together. This cohesion is the cohesion of science and technology, is the cohesion of cutting-edge products, is the vision of the future cohesion!


Xi’an Pipi easy to participate in the labor insurance Agel Ecommerce Ltd large exhibition, opened a new chapter in the traditional insurance industry.

the skin easy to undertake the 92 session of the Shanghai labor show official vehicles, and provide a free ride for the scene of the participants, and free all the benefits.

labor protection exhibition booth 2000+, Piero Tang Feng, Hongyu, easily combined with wins, Kun Peng, dream, Meihua, taxue cubic number of core suppliers joint exhibition. And was well received by the presence of the dealer, just two days time, on the realization of the 3000+ WeChat registered users, WeChat backstage was ushered in a fiery interactive consulting.

the evening of April 18th, easily held by Pippi’s "Internet plus labor" industry forum held a grand salon, Pippi easy COO Mr. Liu Zhenyu attended the salon, and insurance businesses to "build a new ecological insurance industry suppliers’ communication and interaction, the traditional industries of the" new play "let the insurance industry many practitioners surprises.

Pipii, founder and CEO Mr. Guo Zigang mentioned in 2016 HC Industrial Ecological Internet Conference: "for the protection of this traditional industry market, there are many previously especially bad problem, we often use a word called" pain points ", there is a problem, the industry enough old-fashioned, he did not have the ability to to solve, and we have the opportunity to solve. This is easy to do labor protection leather industry in mind."

CEO and founder Guo Zigang Piero to Mr. President in the Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association in labor and labor protection, labor insurance association Reilly people association secretary general Chen Haida, deputy secretary of Labor Association of goofy, put an end to the work environment safety, enhance the domestic personal safety

full protection awareness within the industry in depth conversations multiple optimization problems of insurance industry chain etc..


every year, because of the lack of safety awareness, more than 50% of people suffering from occupational diseases.

more than 95% of the safety accident mortality is also due to the lack of safety knowledge.


traditional labor insurance industry often encounter half truths, delay in delivery, logistics and other issues hit the money to run away, the traditional labor is very difficult to do better than three.

1 serious excess capacity in the case of manufacturers particularly worried about their inventory turnover, he hopes to have a more efficient way to help

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