Shop so simple a lot of people have ignored the skills

shop operators have a lot of skills, but we can’t do everything, but there is a little trick sellers should be necessary, but usually ignore many friends. This trick is: "when you first want to have new friends and exchange, especially the potential new buyers and have the baby photographed the new buyers and you first want to communicate, you should ask each other what you know from the channels (such as direct search baby, forum posts, through the promotion, use of the product the promotion and so on), know your shop or your baby." Some friends may have done, but not strong enough, not every question; some friends may have ignored these, if so, then you must be a loss to the store business.

one, "ask more from what you know about me".

"ask more about what you know about me" will make the store more targeted, more efficient. As we all know, Taobao store management is a very energy and financial resources to do things. In order to do a good job shop management, we will invest a lot of time and money to promote the store. For example, the forum posting replies do forum marketing; buy advertising on Taobao; Taobao train promotion; participate in various promotional activities on the forum and so on. These promotion in the end played a role, we may know some, but many times is not very clear, which led to a lot of promotion has certain blindness. It may cost a lot of energy and financial resources, but some promotion effect, perhaps some promotion effect is better, but because it is not very clear, in this promotion effect is better under the power may be less than, no matter what kind, is a loss of business terms.

if we often ask you what I know from the channel ", and simple record analysis, we will know how to do a promotion effect, thus improved, promotion effect is not good, we can find the reasons, ways to improve; promotion effect is good, we can put more the energy and financial resources to tilt, to maximize the promotion effect. Stores, we know what to do promotion, this promotion play what role, the limited energy and financial resources to promote better, the energy and financial resources to maximize the effect is also the Taobao store should always consider, after all, now the Taobao business competition is fierce.

a simple example, it is time to do marketing in the forum posting replies, and may we write a lot of posts, back more posts, but the effect is not clear when many of us. If we often ask you what I know from the channel ", we may obtain the following information: I’m from one of your essence you know, I’m from the forum replies to know you, you’re sitting in the sofa forum. If we have this information, so in the forum marketing, we should focus more on this post, many put this post up, the same is to write the post replies, may receive the effect will be much better.

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