The mushroom merger nsider Chen Qijian would not accept CO CEO

[Abstract] as the first major capital merger in the winter, at the beginning of this year, and founder of the beautiful two copies with open mail, and with many leading companies like 2015 as looks beautiful, no CO-CEO, no 1:1 equity, of course is no longer behind sequoia.

why have these subtle differences, and these differences, what what hidden secrets after warning


a, no longer CO-CEO

according to a person close to the deal investors told billion state power network, proposed merger intentions in Hillhouse capital to, Chen Qijian will never accept the CO-CEO, a mountain, Xu Yirong finally made great concessions.

also said foreign press wheel 2:1 convertible equity valuation, the real situation may be greater than the proportion, and the team to implement great benefits.

, a senior community electricity supplier entrepreneurs told billion state power network, itself into the transaction, transaction commission on merchant accounts and. Coupled with the previous financing has not finished, in November to get the D round of 200 million U.S. financial capital,’s account has been on the billions of dollars in cash, are not short of money.

and beautiful to say the opposite, from April to open a new round of financing both at the same time, the beauty has not been said to melt into money. The last round of financing is March 2014, more than a year ago. In the transformation of beauty in cross-border business beautiful said HIGO spent 380 million yuan on the title "Running Man 3" in 2015, cross-border electricity providers have quickly get financing, the background of price war bleeding, beautiful money degree as can be imagined.

therefore, the beauty of the money had no choice but to make concessions to the rich



two, June fancy what?

and said the merger of the United States for a long time, according to close to the practitioners of revealed that for the merger, the beginning of June is firmly rejected. For, not money, D round of financing has been accounted for, running in the leading industry, the electricity supplier community the burn rate is far from other industries with

crazy, why?

finally, what June’s is beautiful said users, after the merger of public interview June said, and beautiful user overlap is only 20%.

According to the official

to disclose billion state power network, 130 million registered users, 10 million users daily living, UV coverage in 80 million months. Beautiful said that although there is no official public data, according to the estimated 20% overlap, several million monthly active users, or worth of June’s.

moreover, the beauty has always been the location of white-collar women, in the age of the user, the customer price is slightly higher than,

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