Jingdong is how to seize the rural electricity supplier market

with the national level to promote the "Internet plus" strategy, it is the number of giant phase of rural electricity supplier market more fiery. As a Jingdong, Ali as the representative of the industry giants to have the channel sink, the layout of the rural market resources according to sources, after the Jingdong and the Chengdu Municipal People’s government signed a strategic cooperation in rural electronic commerce agreement, the Jingdong will help the Chengdu area from the transformation of traditional enterprises from four aspects of training, canal road, operations, warehousing and logistics.

aspect one: rural electricity providers in a blue state

National Rural online shopping scale reached 180 billion yuan in 2014, will reach 460 billion in 2016, the consumer market has great potential and China rural electricity supplier, according to statistics, China in four lines below the region’s population of about 300 million, removal of the elderly and children, with strong spending power of the population is about 150 million the size of a market, how big, giant sure don’t miss.

aspect two: rural electricity supplier in the initial stage of

rural electricity supplier or only appeared in the last one or two years, before it did not, and now there is no scale, some small place, a small town, there is no access to electricity, the market is vacant, to mining, so there are still a great potential for development, but the so-called pre emptive, after the start then, business giants are also crazy in rural layout, good to do the first person to eat crabs, after all, a market was excavated, advanced to will certainly enjoy the hitherto unknown treatment, finally came in, estimated that even did not have to drink soup.

aspect three: Tencent joint venture investment and marketing treasure

When the

in early July, Tencent and Jingdong jointly invest the sale of treasure, in order to speed up the construction of rural e-commerce, because the sale of treasure is the first to focus on rural areas and the three or four line of the city’s business enterprise, is also the largest rural business platform, accelerate the construction pace of the rural electricity supplier to do, although the same as the electricity supplier but, to do their own market, do not have much competition, and the Jingdong also don’t want to fall behind ali.

aspect four: Jingdong layout in rural areas

before we think of rural electricity supplier, that is in the countryside whitewashing, for example, we can often brush small ads in the rural areas of the wall, Taobao and Jingdong of advertising can be seen in some rural areas, but this is not. The layout of the Jingdong is: the establishment of the County Service Center in rural areas, rural cooperative, rural recruitment promotion in the local establishment, logistics network covering the delivery to the door of the way of expansion and seize the rural market.

County Service Center and rural cooperation as we know, the so-called rural promotion refers to understand online shopping people by helping neighbors create Jingdong account, recommended products, under the guidance of a single, complete payment and a series of closing movement of people. On the Internet we become Taobao guest, that is, you help the Jingdong to promote the goods, sold out, Jingdong to give you a commission, this is the truth, such as you do not know how to shop around

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